Ludo King: How To Change Dice (2022)

Here's how players can unlock new themes and change the dice.

Ludo King is a free-to-play game developed for mobile devices. Through it, players can enjoy challenging friends and family or face off against AI for Ludo matches. Players can also change the appearance of the board and dice in Ludo King. There are different themes in the game that can give different styles and looks to the dice. Let us see how players can activate these themes in the game.

How To Change Dice In Ludo King?


Ludo King offers 15+ themes to its players to freshen up the look of the game. However, players will need to activate these themes before they can use them to change the dice in Ludo King. Players can simply follow the steps given below to unlock new themes on their devices.

  • Players will first need to open Ludo King on their devices and sign in. New users will have to create an account with the game. Players can get a free theme if they log in using their Amazon Prime account.
  • On the top-left side of the home screen, players will see a small mobile icon. This is the Themes icon in the game. Players can press it to bring up all the available themes in the game.
  • There are two ways to get these themes. Players can either purchase them or unlock them by completing certain missions. If players do not wish to purchase themes, they will have to start by unlocking the Nature theme and then proceed further. There are three missions that players have to complete to unlock the Nature theme.
  • Players can just click on Start Mission to get started. There is a certain time limit associated with the missions. If players do not complete the missions in given time, they can purchase more time with diamonds or start all over again. Three hours cost 30 diamonds in the game.
  • After completing the three missions, players can go the Themes icon and select the unlocked theme. Players will have to click on the download icon to get the theme on their phone. This is located below the Themes icon.
  • Players can now change their dice and board in Ludo King.

This is how players can change their dice in Ludo King. For more guides on the game ,check out How To Add Buddy In Ludo King Account?