Goddess Of Victory Nikke: How To Get Lost Relics

Are you trying to find a way to collect the Lost Relics in Goddess of Victory Nikke? Then this guide is for you.

Lost Relics in Nikke Goddess of Victory are items that can help you complete buildings and a lot more. There are various chapters in the game and different missions through which you can get your hands on them. Once you know how to get these relics then you can start making buildings for your outpost in the game. Let’s look at how you can achieve this.

How to Get Lost Relics in Goddess of Victory Nikke

lost relics goddess of victory nikke

  • Lost Relics are found when you intend to build buildings in the game.
  • You can then go to the Camping Field Map and start scouting for Lost Relics.
  • They can be gained by standing close to any item you find.
  • To know if the item found is a lost relic or not, you have to stand close to it.
  • This will help you also collect the item when an orange triangular icon with a magnifying glass appears above it.
  • You can further tap the magnifying glass option to see what the relic is and how you can use it.

Lost Relics can be obtained in every chapter. It is easy to get them in Chapters 1 to 20. Then it gets pretty difficult to find them. You can also get Lost Relics by completing missions and daily quests. Sometimes more than one relic is found in nearby locations to each other. For example – In chapter 1 the Lost Relics were found at the start point of the three-way road.

As you progress through the game, you will find Lost Relics at every turn and corner of the map. Keep collecting them and properly make use of it according to their description.

That was a wrap on how to find Lost Relics in the game. If you found this article helpful you can also check out, how to get Emma in Goddess Of Victory Nikke.