Wasted On LoL – How Much Time I Spent On League of Legends?

Players have spent endless hours trying to get ahead in League of Legends

League of Legends or LoL is quite an addictive game. Players have spent endless hours trying to get ahead in the game. While the game is very interesting, it takes up a lot of time. This can often be a hindrance in maintaining balance in life. Often players start to wonder how much time they have wasted on LoL. There are a few ways to actually know this. Players can find out how much time they have spent playing League of Legends with the steps given below.

How Much Time Have You Wasted On LoL?

There are a couple of ways to figure out how much time a player has spent playing League of Legends.

1. Wasted On LoL

The Wasted on LoL website can answer the much-asked question right away. This handy site can tell players how much time they have wasted slogging away at LoL. It is quite a simple procedure. First, players will need to visit the official site for Wasted on LoL. There, they can enter their summoner name to find out their playtime in LoL. After entering the name all players need to do is click the ‘How Much Time I Wasted On LoL?’ button.

Wasted On LoL 1

The website will now tell players the number of minutes, hours, and days they have wasted playing LoL. It also adds a touch of humor by telling them the number of books they could’ve read, movies they could’ve watched, and kilometers they could’ve walked in that time. Moreover, the site also allows players to compare their performance to their opponents.

Wasted On LoL

However, Wasted on LoL is not affiliated with RIOT in any way. It is a third-party website and its accuracy could be questionable.

2. RIOT Stats

This is a fairly straightforward method to check the ranked hours in League of Legends. To do this, players need to go to the Profile Tab in LoL. Next, find the Stats Tab. The number of ranked hours will be displayed here alongside the total number of games played.

Wasted On LoL 2

3. OP.GG

This site shows players the number of games they have played in LoL. There is no way to get the exact number of hours spent on LoL through this method. However, players can multiply the number of matches by 30 minutes for low rank and 25 minutes for top rank matches. This will give players an idea about the time they have spent on LoL. Let us look at the last method to know the time spent in League of Legends. Like WOL, OP.GG is a third-party website and has no affiliation with LoL. Their data can prove to be unreliable at times.

4. Mastery Points

Players earn Mastery Points as they play and fish. They are necessary to level up the mastery level quickly. Moreover, players can also check the number of hours they wasted on LoL with the help of these. To do this, players must check their Mastery Points. After this, divide the Mastery Points by 650 to find out the total number of matches played.  Next, multiply the number by 25 for top rank matches and 30 for low-rank matches. This is the estimated time that players have spent playing League of Legends.

These are all the methods players can use to find out how much time they have wasted on LoL. While playing games is a fun way to relax and take a break, it should not overtake other things in life. As long as players are not getting addicted to the gameplay, League of Legends is a good way to unwind though. However, players should make sure to make time for all the things that require their attention. Addiction to gaming not only cuts into a player’s time but can also cause health issues. So make sure to step out into the sunshine once in a while.

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