Konosuba Fantastic Days Ultimate Team Building Guide

Here's everything you need to know about building a team in Konosuba FD.

The global version of Konosuba Fantastic Days is out now and it has received a much better response than the developer would have expected. Since the game is available in multiple languages, players can easily change the language to their desired one in Konosuba FD.

Since its global version has just launched on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, players are having trouble building a team in Konosuba Fantastic Days. If you too are struggling to build a team in the game then don’t worry, we have you covered.


In our Konosuba Fantastic Days team building guide, we will share a bunch of tips and tricks that will help you win every battle in the game.

Konosuba Fantastic Days Team Building Guide

Irrespective of whether you are playing Konosuba FD in any region, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while building a team:


  • Attack Type of Enemy (Physical/Magic)
  • Type Weakness of Enemy (if they have any)
  • Element Weakness of Enemy

Once you get to know these three things about enemies, you can start the team-building process in the game.

There are some enemies in any RPG that can’t resist a certain attack. If you really want to win every battle in Konosuba FD, make sure you know the weaknesses of every enemy that you will encounter in the game. Yes, each and every enemy has an elemental weakness that your DPS can perform.


The reason why we are urging you to find an elemental weakness of your enemies in Konosuba FD is it increases the damage ratio by 1.5.

Example: If you come to know that certain enemies can’t defend Physical/Magic attack in Konosuba FD, make sure to recruit or hire a character that specializes in the weapon in that type of attack. Make sure to bar the weakness of Element as well.

You are allowed to mix and match all of them. When you do so, don’t forget about the party buff and debuff. Notably, Traits can also cause huge damage and resistance during the battle.


We are more focusing on recruiting a special character specializing in certain attacks. If you have multiple damage dealers in your time, you would not be able to win the tough battles. Yes, in tough battles, enemies hit harder than you.


To win tough battles in Konosuba FD, you will have to know about the type of supports:


  • Healers can help you sustain a battle longer.


  • Effects such as Defense Up or Attack Down can help you reduce the taken damage.
  • Try to find out characters that can Taunt the enemy in the game.


  • Use Agility Down or Agility Up to slow down enemies or fasten allies, respectively.
  • When you do so, your entire party will be able to attack before your enemies do.
  • The status effects that play a crucial role are — Haze, Seal, and Bind.
  • They will help to reduce incoming damage.


The one thing that plays an important role in building a team in Konosuba Fantastic Days is knowing enemies’ attack patterns.


  • Knowing when an attack is incoming, can prolong battles in your favor.
  • Knowing when to counter a status effect, can keep the way clear.
  • Knowing how to buff/debuff enemies can turn the tide to your advantage.

That’s everything you need to know Konosuba FD team building guide.


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