How To Play Ketchcrash In Destiny 2

Check out how to play & complete the Ketchcrash activity in Destiny 2 easily.

Here’s a guide on how to play Ketchcrash in Destiny 2 easily. The wait is over Season 18 update is already here, it is also known as the Season of Plunder. In this update, you’ll get to see various new activities, weapons, and many more quests for you to complete. The highlight of this Seasonal update is the Ketchcrash activity. In this activity, you’ll need a team of 6 players to attack and loot the Ketch. Completing the activity might seem difficult but don’t worry, here we are for your rescue. Go through the steps mentioned below and complete the Ketchcrash activity without any hassle.

How To Complete Ketchcrash Activity in Destiny 2?

How To Play Ketchcrash In Destiny 2
Picture Credits: Jedii Gaming

Follow the steps to play and complete the Ketchcrash activity in Destiny 2 successfully.

  • In order to start the activity you’ll need to head to the H.E.L.M. You can easily access the activity in the overhead view.
  • After that, your team will have to fight all the enemies on the Tangled shore.
  • During this fight you’ll see 4 glowing plates in the corners of the arena.
  • And then, the players will have to charge and activate the plates by stepping on them. Doing this will align all 4 cannon accelerators.
  • After doing that, players will have to board the enemy’s pirate ship by using Highlighted Gravity Cannon.

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  • And then, head towards the nearby Console and complete the required objectives for moving onto the next stage.
  • After that, you will be able to easily access the Captain’s Quarters.
  • And as soon as you reach there you’ll see the Captain escaping the ship. However, your goal will be to stop him at any cost.
  • To stop him from escaping you will have to fight fallen enemies and chase him towards the bridge.
  • And while escaping, the Captain will make his final attack move on your team. But your team will have to stand their ground to unimmune and defeat him.
  • and voila you have successfully completed the activity. Claim all the loot and you’ll be good to go.

This is how you can play and complete the Ketchcrash activity in Destiny 2. While you’re here check out how to solve the Rune Puzzle Witch Queen quest in the game