How To Solve Destiny 2 Rune Puzzle Witch Queen Quest?

Learn the answer to the Destiny 2 Rune Puzzle Witch Queen Quest

Destiny 2 Witch Queen is a major expansion for Destiny 2, a first-person shooter game. It has many interesting quests for players including the Memories of Ruin Quest. Players trying to complete this quest will have to complete the Rune puzzle objective. However, some players might be confused by this puzzle and not know how to solve it. Today, we will tell you how to solve the Destiny 2 Witch Queen Rune Puzzle Quest. Let us get straight into it.

Destiny 2 Rune Puzzle Witch Queen Quest Answer


Destiny-2-Rune-Puzzle-Witch-Queen-Quest 1

Once players know what needs to be done, it is actually quite easy to solve this Rune Puzzle. Once players approach the ice wall where the Rune Puzzle is , they will get a message explaining the puzzle. According to the message, this is The Odd One Challenge where players need to “find a set of runes that stands out amongst the rest”. This makes the puzzle pretty self-explanatory. Players just need to observe the rune columns and shoot the ones that do not fit the pattern of the other rune columns. There will be three such rune columns that players will have to shoot. Below is an example of the same.

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Rune Puzzle


Players will notice that the three rune columns circled above have some differences in pattern to the other rune columns here. That is why these are the Odd Ones out and players need to shoot these to complete the Rune Puzzle. However, these rune columns are different for each player so the above example is not going to be the one that comes up for you. If you understand the concept though, it will be fairly easy to spot the odd runes and shoot them. If players hit an incorrect column, the game with initiate a message stating so and the player will have to hit all the correct rune columns again.

This is all there is to know about solving the Destiny 2 Witch Queen Rune Puzzle. For more Destiny 2 content, see How To Complete Riding The Storm Ques & Its Rewards?