Destiny 2: How To Complete Riding The Storm Ques & Its Rewards?

Here is a stepwise guide fr you to complete Riding The Storm legendary quest in Destiny 2 and get all the rewards!

Destiny 2 is a popular multiplayer first-person shooter game available on multiple gaming platforms. The game has several quests and missions for players to complete that give them a lot of exciting rewards in return. Quests in Destiny 2 are of several types like rare, uncommon, exotic, legendary, etc that you have to complete in order to go further in the game.

‘Riding The Storm’ is also one of the legendary quests in Destiny 2 that every player has to complete in order to get rewards and go further in the game. If you are looking for a guide to help you complete this quest in Destiny 2 then here is a detailed guide for you.

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What Is ‘Riding The Storm’ Quest in Destiny 2 and How To Complete it?

Riding The Storm is a legendary type of quest in Destiny 2 that can be completed in a total of two steps. It’s an easy quest that every player can complete if they follow all the steps closely. Here are all the steps and objectives to complete Riding The Storm quest in one go.

1) Fulmination

This is the first task in the Riding The Storm quest in Destiny 2. All players need to run through some objectives in order to complete this task and go to the next one. Here is a list of all the objectives that you need to complete in part 1 of the Riding The Storm quest.

  • The bow is deadly: 1000
  • Power spheres: 10
  • XP: 25000

2) Chain Reaction

“Your first mistake was standing so close together. -Ichor Ray, the legend of the Crucible. -Yeah. Familiarize yourself with the objectives of this stage that you must accomplish to complete this legendary quest.”

As the description says, all you need to do in the second part of the quest is talk to Ikora Rei: 1. 

Both tasks in the Riding The Storm quest are pretty easy and all the players can complete them in one go. But you can only be able to reach up to this quest once you compete in A Guardian Rises quest in Destiny 2.

Riding The Storm Quest Rewards

Here is a list of all the rewards that players will get on the successful completion of the quest.

  • Arc Stormcaller
  • Warlock Subclass
  • Storm’s Surge
  • Warlock Emblem
  • Arc Arcstrider
  • Hunter Subclass
  • Strider’s Slash

This is everything you need to know about the Riding The Storm quest in Destiny 2.