Darkness In The Light Destiny 2 – Malfeasance Exotic Guide

This article outlays various steps for you to complete the questline.

Just the passionate Destiny 2 followers know how impactful the hand cannons in the game are. If you wish to get your hands on Malfeasance then you probably have to complete the Darkness in the Light quest in Destiny 2.

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Let’s get an idea about this lethal cannon before we walk you through the guide.

What Is Malfeasance?Darkness in the Light Destiny 2 (1)

This is an exotic hand cannon that lets you inflict serious damage on your enemy. This Explosive Shadow is desired by many because of its potential to fire poisoned slugs that get embedded in your opponent. When enough of them have been fired your enemies explode.

This weapon is highly stable and can fire up to 180 explosive rounds per minute. Incredible huh!?
Acquiring them can prove to be quite a challenging task, but you’re fortunate enough to sail here because we’ve covered a full guide about how to unlock them.

Darkness In the Light Destiny 2

Darkness in Light is the quest chain of Malfeasance Exotic. This mission is a long one, challenging you to make a lot of endeavors. It’s a 7-stage process, and each stage takes you a step ahead in scoring the most coveted weapon. You’ll get the clarification for each stage as you move forward in the post.

Stage 1 – Obtaining The Seething Heart

The quest starts with getting your hands on the seething heart. The only possible way to get them is by assassinating the Ascendant Primeval Servitor Boss in Gambit. They tend to drop their seething heart as soon as they are killed. Since their appearance is unpredictable, you’ll have to play through the matches before the Gambit Servitor Boss turns up in the game and make sure you win the match.

Stage 2 – City of Secrets

This stage requires you to offer the seething heart to the Drifter. Next, he’ll put you on a mission to knock down at least 25 taken bosses or mini-bosses in the Dreaming City. To conclude this quest, choose The Blind well, as it offers a perfect chance with few Taken Bosses luring in the final phase.

Stage 3 – The Corrupted

Once you successfully complete the 2nd stage, you will be rewarded with the special version of The Corrupted Strike. You can start it by wandering around the map of the Dreaming City and receive another reward Depleted Weapon Core item. Be cautious and ensure you have brought along a good team since this strike can be troublesome.

Stage 4 – Deleted Weapon Core

Bring back the Depleted Core Weapon item you obtained in the last stage and offer it to the Drifter. Now proceed with the next stage.

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Stage 5 – Business As Usual

Get yourself a powerful Fireteam and head back to Gambit. Win 10 matches to drop off 400 Motes. Play safe and deposit them as soon as the waves end since each mote you lose costs you doubly subtract from the total.

Stage 6 – Lights Out

This is the dreariest stage of the game where you will battle alongside another player. The PvP time requires you to destroy 25 Guardians in Gambit or kill 4 opponents in 1 invasion or have your team known down 4 enemies during 3 invasions. If you have a friend who is a pro shooter in the game then you must take their help at this stage.

Stage 7 – Get Malfeasance

After completing the Lights Outs stage you will earn a Dark Weapon Core item. Hand it to the Drifter and in exchange, you will be awarded the Malfeasance. The item which you longed for and endured the quest hustle.

This is how you get the Malfeasance – brand new exotic hand cannon for completing the Darkness In The Light Destiny 2 mission.