What Are Room Cards In Free Fire Max?

Want to know about Room Cards in Free Fire? Then here you go!

Free Fire Max has introduced a new feature known as Room Cards. This is a completely new feature in the game that most of the players are completely unaware of. There are many players out there who are confused about the new additional feature and are trying to understand what these cards actually do.

If you are also stuck on the same page as many others, then here is a complete guide helping you understand what are Room Cards in Free Fire Max. So, without any further ado, let us dive into it!


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Free Fire Max: What Are Room Cards?

Room Cards In Free Fire Max


Room cards are like Custom Rooms in the game. Custom rooms allow players to create small, private rooms with a limited number of people of their choice. This has become a very popular feature amongst all gamers as they can play with a finite number of people of their choice.

Room cards are similar to custom rooms and help players get special rewards in the game and earn tons of rewards for using the Custom Rooms feature. Garena Free Fire Max is actually giving away Free Custom Room Cards to all the players if you fulfill the below-mentioned conditions.

  1.  Craftland Room Card – Play one game with friends
  2. Weapon Royale Vouchers – Play two matches with friends and get two vouchers.
  3. Custom Room Card – Log in for 3 days in a row.
  4. Diamond Royale Vouchers – Play a total of 10 matches to get 2 vouchers.


This is everything you need to know about What are Custom Room Cards in Free Fire Max. If you find this article helpful, then click on the link and have a look around our other guides on Free Fire Max for all the codes, tips, tricks, and events in the game.