Island Cost In Coin Master

This is a list of costs for all islands in Coin Master.

Coin Master is a fun casual single-player game. You earn coins, attacks, raids, and more from spins. And use it to build your village, which can be anything Dragon Lair, Area 51, The 50s, Mexico, Candy Land, Iceland, and more. Here we will learn about one such theme island. Island is a landmass surrounded by water from all sides. And the game has very few islands as of now. So we went through all the current locations or villages. And created this list of the known island with their cost in Coin Master.

Coin Master: Island Cost

Island Cost Coin Master

There are a total of nine island locations or levels in the game. And seven of them are proper island countries or a continent in real life. As for the remaining two level villages. The first is Greek Island. Greek in real is peninsular with an archipelago of about 3000 islands. But the game focuses on its island, so it is part of our list. The next one is an in-game island, Stranded Island, which means that it is a deserted island where you are stranded. Now let us look at the list of the island and their cost in the game.

It is a Level 7 Location: Sunny Hawaii – 20.6 million
It is a Level 26 Location: Australia – 71 million
It is a Level 35 Location: Greek Island – 120.1 million
It is a Level 51 Location: Japan – 282.9 million
It is a Level 188 Location: Madagascar – 72.9 billion
It is a Level 206 Location: Jamaica – 124.4 billion
It is a Level 223 Location: Stranded Island – 206.1 billion
It is a Level 232 Location: Iceland – 270.2 billion
It is a Level 410 Location: Taiwan Travel – 43.3 trillion

This is a list of the cost of all present island villages in Coin Master. They are inspired by actual island countries, the island continent, the archipelago, and more. If you found this list interesting and informative. Then check out how to play in Ghost Mode and how to get to and complete Village 3.