Coin Master: How To Get To And Complete Village 3?

Want to know how to get to and complete Village 3 in Coin Master? Check this guide out.

Coin Master falls under the adventure category of games where you have to build and develop your village. Now, this is the only way you can progress further in the game. So, you have to constantly collect coins from the slot machine in order to upgrade your current village. In this guide, we have covered how to Get to and Complete Village 3 in Coin Master.

The secret to proceeding further in the game is to keep grinding. If you’re looking for an easy way to do this task, unfortunately, there is none. Read along with this guide to learn more about it.

How to Reach and Complete Village 3 in Coin Master?

Coin Master Village 3

The name of the 3rd village is Snowy Alps. In order to Get to and Complete Village 3 in Coin Master, you have to keep collecting coins from the slot machine. Once you have gathered enough coins, swipe up to visit the current village. And upgrade the items to their max level.

You will see a Hammer icon on the bottom left corner of the screen, click on it to see what items are yet to build and how many coins you need to completely upgrade it. You have to build and upgrade each building 5 times to get the finished outcome of the item. After each upgrade, the price of the next update will increase.

You have to follow this method in all the villages that you come across in the game. So, you have to start with Village 1, which is called Land Of Vikings. Completely finish upgrading the village and move on to Ancient Egypt, the second village. Again, go to the slot machine, and collect money by Raiding and Attacking other villages.

Once you have collected enough money, upgrade all the items over there and then you will reach Snowy Alps. After that, complete upgrading the village by doing the same thing. This is how you can Get to and Complete Village 3 in Coin Master.

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