How To Increase Your Stamina In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Our Sanrio characters require Stamina just like us, so here is how you can increase it in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Stamina is highly required in Hello Kitty Island Adventure as the island is vast and you most certainly have to increase it. Sometimes you have to climb really huge mountains, use the ziplines, swim or dive in the ocean, etc. These manual efforts require quite some stamina from our characters to survive. So let’s look at how this can be achieved with the help of our step-by-step guide on it.

How to Increase Stamina in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Step 1 – Find Stamina Apple Slices

increase stamina in hello kitty island adventure

You require Stamina Apple in Hello Kitty Island Adventure to increase your Stamina. Using it is the only way to make it work. So here is how you can find it:

  • Find 5 Stamina Applice Slices around the island. They look like golden apple slices.
  • You can find them in Treasure Chests mostly, so make sure to open every chest you come across.
  • You will find the slices mostly in underwater chests, on mountains, and caves.

Step 2 – Craft Stamina Apple

craft stamina apples in hello kitty island adventure

After you have collected five slices of it you have to go to Chococat’s Tent. Then the game will automatically unlock the “Fantastic Fruit” quest. Chococat will give you the Stamina Apple Crafting Plan and then you can go to his crafting table to make it. Once done crafting, you can use the apple to increase your Stamina much more than before.

Step 3 – Get Gifts from Friends

craft stamina apples

Did you know that in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, not only you but your friends will also reward you in return for their gifts? Check out at what friendship levels will the following characters gift you Stamina Apple Slices –

  • Pekkle: Level 3
  • Retsuko: Level 3
  • Tuxedosam: Level 4
  • Badtz-maru: Level 4
  • Keroppi: Level 5
  • My Melody: Level 6
  • Cinnamoroll: Level 8
  • Chococat: Level 9
  • Pompompurin: Level 11
  • Pochacco: Level 5 & 12
  • Kuromi: Level 12

This was all on how to increase Stamina with the help of Stamina Apple in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to get Iron Ore and craft Iron Ingot in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.