How To Increase Divine Power & Level Up In Ragnarok Origin

If you want to be on top of the leaderboard, then here are multiple ways to increase your Divine Power in Ragnarok Origin.

Ragnarok Origin is all about increasing your Divine Power and making it to the top of the leaderboard. There is a huge competition, and when you increase your Divine Power it helps you in various ways throughout the game. It adds buff to every aspect of your character and its journey. Here are different ways listed below, on how you can achieve it.

6 Ways on How to Increase Divine Power in Ragnarok Origin

1. Boost Divine Power with Pets & Mounts

pets increase divine power ragnarok origin
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As you know, you can get pets in Ragnarok Origin, but did you know that the pet levels also increase your Divine Power? You can increase their stats and levels by promoting them and training them. Choose any of the 1 deployed pets and also make use of Spirit Dew in their training. Similarly, you can also increase your Divine Power by upgrading your Mount by going to the style level tab.

2. Equipment – Cards and Forging Items

cards and equipments ragnarok origin
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Different types of equipment help you increase Divine Power in Ragnarok Origin. Which include Cards, and other Forging Items. Complete daily quests or use Eden coins to forge for items that can help you boost your stats and levels. Cards that are the essence of the Ragnarok Games. You can insert them into your weapons or other equipment that will in turn help increase your Divine Power. The cards require to be awakened, upgraded to level up, and equipped to do so.

Besides that, you can also refine and enhance the equipment you forage or find, to have better chances of increasing the Divine Power from it. One such modification is the gear equipment modification, so make sure you refine it to better your chances.

3. Basic Stats and Skill Points

skill and stats ragnarok origin
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The basic stats include character stats that you can view in the character stats section, on the top left corner of the screen. It showcases the strength, luck, agility, vitality, intelligence, and dexterity of the character. Make sure, that the character stats are higher, as it will help increase the Divine Power. There is also a Skill Tree that depicts how the power increases along with your skill levels. The four skill trees are the general skills, 1st job skill, 2nd job skill, and 2nd job advanced skill. When you add your skill points to the tree, it will help boost your Divine Power.

4. Valkyrie Feathers

valkyrie feather ragnarok origin

The Valkyrie Feathers are very powerful in Ragnarok Origin, and they can add even more power by the rarity of the feather used. You can promote the feather to improve your stats. You can also unlock several slots for new feathers as you progress further in the game.

5. Title, Emblems, Medals & Monster Research

medals increase divine power ragnarok origin

Your title, rank, or class is something that can have a direct impact on your Divine Power. You must also focus on improving your title from Star Forger 1 to Star Forger 6. This helps you increase your passive stats. The other thing that helps you receive passive stats is medals in Ragnarok Origin.

Similarly, you can receive an additional boost in your stats by conducting Monster Research. Which is very beneficial in increasing power levels. You can access it through the Monster Archives tab in the Guide.

6. Fashion Items

fashion ragnarok origin

Who would have known that updating your fashion levels can also help you increase your Divine Power? You can simply go to your Wardrobe and increase the fashion level of your character by equipping specific fashion items that will help boost their power. You may not see many changes at first as your fashion in Ragnarok Origin affects your Divine power towards the end of the game.

With that, we have come to the end of this article on how to increase Divine Power. If you found this article helpful you can also check out how to hide equipment in Ragnarok Origin.