How To Complete Call of Duty: Hunt For Adler Intel Challenges

Below is a step-by-step roadmap to completing the Hunt For Alder Intel challenges in Call of Duty.

The third season of the two most legendary Call of Duty games, Cold War and Warzone, has finally rolled out. It arrived with new weapons, maps, and other exciting items. However, the one update that has sparked the interest of thousands of gamers is a time-limited event called Hunt Of Adler. This is because completing Hunt For Adler event rewards with interesting pieces. such as Alder Skin, Weapon Charms, Calling Cards, a new Operator Skin, and more. Do you desire to get your hands on them as well? Then let’s get started with the Hunt For Adler Intel challenges.

Hunt For Adler Event

The Hunt for Adler event involves six challenges, three of which are Warzone and three of which are Cold War. You only have to undertake 3 missions but only from the same group.

Warzone: Hunt For Adler Intel Challenges

To complete the event in Warzone you must complete the Intel contracts found throughout the brand new map of Verdansk. There is a total of three locations to look for.

  • 1. Farm – Completing it rewards you with epic Calling Cards.


  • 2. Summit – Completing it rewards you with an epic Sticker.


  • 3. Factory – Completing it rewards you with Legendary Charm.

hunt for adler intel challenges

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Cold War: Hunt For Adler Intel Challenges

If you want to finish the quest by solving Cold War challenges, you’ve made a smart decision because the challenges here are fairly easy. You are only required to compete in multiplayer modes here, so make sure you have the right loadout for each of the sessions below.

  • Play 7 games on Yamantau – Reward will be Epic Sticker.
  • Kill 25 enemies exposed by your Spy Plane/H.A.R.P./Field Mic – Reward will be Rare Charm.
  • When using the Assassin perk, kill 25 enemies on a killstreak – Reward will be Epic Calling Card.

This is all you need to know about the Hunt For Adler Intel challenges in Call Of Duty: Cold War & Warzone.