Call Of Duty Warzone: All Hunt For Adler Intel Locations

All of the locations for intel to complete the Hunt for Adler event in Warzone are specified below.

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 has finally arrived and it has introduced a whole new map to explore and several new challenges to complete. Hunt For Alder is one such time-restricted challenge with promising prizes.

In this event, you have to complete all of the Adler Intel contracts in Warzone at multiple locations throughout the new map. Many players are having difficulty finding them, and if you are one of them, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Warzone – All Adler Intel Locations

With Zombies flooding the area and time running out, you must act quickly to complete the Hunt For Alder event. The mission is well worth the effort for that exclusive skin & other amazing benefits. Before we begin, let me warn you of a few glitches in the event which are sure to give you a hard time. This is because you are most likely to succeed only after a few failed attempts.

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The event operates just like any other scavenger quests in the game the only difference is the rewards it offers are the best of all. All the locations of this Warzone mission have Adler Intel contracts within them. When you pick them up, they disappear from the Verdansk ’84 map and you must complete scavenger quests to complete the challenge.

In total, there are three locations where you can find all the Intel in Hunt For Adler event in Warzone. These locations on the map are marked with special symbols for your understanding.

1. Farmlands


2. Summit


3. Factory

WARZONE-ALL-ADLER-INTEL-LOCATIONSWhereas Factory has an abundance of Intel contracts, Summit and Farmlands just have a few. Along with you, several other players are looking for the same thing, so brace yourself for a close contest.

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Once you have all the Intel, locate and open the required chests nearby, and the challenge is completed.

Now you know all the Warzone: Adler Intel locations you are all set to take up the challenge. However, since the event is causing issues, it is best to wait for the developers to fix it and then begin the task to avoid the hassle.