HuniePop 2 Character Abia: Outfit, Swimsuit, Personality, Baggage, Gifts & More

Here's a roadmap for HuniePop 2 fans who want to know more about Abia's outfits.

HuniePop 2: Double Date, the sequel to the critically acclaimed mature simulation novel HuniePop, delivered a steamy visual adventure puzzle experience within a few months of its release, living up to the expectations of HuniePop fans. If you’ve sailed to the game’s exotic island for a sizzling journey you’re probably familiar with the gameplay and character lineups. This guide discusses the outfits and other aspects of HuiePop 2’s busty character Abia Nawazi. Let’s dive deeper into the topic.

HuniePop 2 – Abia: Outfit, Swimsuit, Personality & All You Need To Know

HuniePop 2 features 12 pretty ladies, each with ten outfits to show off that can be accessed through their chests or secret codes. Since this article is about the game’s curvy girl Abia, we’ll go through her appearance, wardrobe, and other things.


Abia, despite being born to religiously disciplined parents and raised in a traditionally conservative fashion, is a notorious s** addict who is often seen making se***l jokes and speaking se***l terms. Her inappropriate behavior, as in too much full-body screening, gets her in dispute with airport police.

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She has a kind heart and does not like to bother others, but she is still a badass who is not embarrassed about her se***l choices. Because of her horn*****, she creates trouble for herself and others. If you’re looking for someone to fulfill your  lu*t, she’s the one.

Personal Details

Full Name Abia Nawazi
Unknown (Age 25)
Homeworld Earth
Nationality The Middle East
Occupation Airport Security
Species Human
S*x Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Pink
Cup Size D
Libido Crazy High
Hobby Watching P**n
Favorite Color Mauve


Abia possesses a series of three distinct characteristics that are enabled during communication and raise an added complexity on dates. The three baggage she equips are listed below:

  • S** Addict – She is granted the ability to accept all se***lity matches even though they are not targeted at her, as well as accept random se***lity tokens when they are directed at her.
  • One Punch Chump – This baggage is unlocked when four matches directed at her induce her to squirt out almost 50% of her hormones.
  • Self-Effacing – Do not consider date offerings until the other girl is offered one first.

Abia’s Gifts

She is provided 2 ranges of four exclusive gifts each to increase your Passion and Style LVL. Abia’s one-of-a-kind gift category is Kinky, and her footwear pattern is Flats.

Unique Gifts Shoes
Nip*** Clamps Cozy Flats
Span**** Paddle Basic Flats
Handcuffs Floral Flats
Ball Gag Crafted Flats

HuniePop 2 Abia’s Outfit

Finally, you’ve entered the final and most relevant part of the article concerning Abia’s dresses in HuniePop 2. Abia is clad in a pink abaya featuring black embroidery and a bandeau cut that exposes a black shirt beneath. She’s also sporting two hijabs over a black cap hijab.

Her primary scarf is lilac with golden ends, and her supplementary scarf is dark purple and gold with gold fringe. That’s about Abia’s 1 regular outfit in HuniPop 2. Here’s an entire rundown of Huniepop 2 Abia’s swimsuits and other sult** outfits in HuniePop 2.

Abia’s event-specific costumes in HuniePop 2 are described below.

  • Traditional – Default attire for early morning massage spa, secluded cabana, and her second date with Jessie.
  • Flarora – For aquarium in the morning and gold course in the afternoon.
  • Modesty – For private tables & rooftop lounge in evenings.
  • Arabian Allure – For casinos in the evening, strip clubs at night, and her second date with Candace.
  • Invisikiki – For afternoon cruise ship, poolside bar, the secret grotto at night & second date with Lillian.
  • Silk Road – For royal suit to wear at night and her second date with Lola.

Abia’s secret outfit in HuniePop 2 is Morning Delight  with an unlock code –CHERRY ON TOP

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Abia’s fruit outfit hairstyles in HuniePop 2 are listed below again each with an unlock code.HuniePop-2-Abia-Swimsuit-Or-Huniepop-2-Abia-Outfits

  • Airport Security: Hairstyle with blue fruit & with 15 red fruit
  • Assassin: Hairstyle with blue fruit & Outfit with 30 red fruit
  • Birthday Suit: Hairstyle with 22 blue fruit & Outfit with 45 red fruit

You’re all set to make Abia se** with all of the costumes and bodysuits accessible in HuniePop 2. That concludes our analysis at HuniePop 2’s Abia’s clothing and beachwear. You may also like HuniePop 2 Cheats & Console Commands.