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All HuniePop 2 Cheats & Console Commands

This blogpost will provide you with the cheats and console commands of the most explicit video game HuniePop 2: Double Date.

With its release on 8 February 2021, HuniePop 2 hit the headlines and became the town’s latest talk. It’s a sequel to the original HuniePop 2 featuring mature theme content.

I guess you’ve had to be an ardent HuniePop player since you crashed here after browsing the Internet for HuniePop 2 cheats and console commands.

Huniepop 2 prompts players to accomplish a series of activities that cannot be carried out without developing an intimate relationship with the cosmic creatures. So, we’ve got a couple of HuniePop 2 cheats and console commands to support you complete the task.

HuniePop 2 Cheats and Console Commands

You must relate to the annoyance that a player experiences when he/she can stay longer with a girl as the stamina meter starts to deplete. You’re forced to switch to the other girl or balance the new stamina tokens to refill it.

At such times these codes will prove to be the life savior as they keep the stamina intact no matter how long you stay with your girl in the game.

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HuniePop 2 Cheats

Here’s a  list of all the HuniePop 2 cheat codes and what each code does:

  • Infinite Date Moves — The available date moves won’t decrease.
  • Infinite Stamina — Your stamina doesn’t deplete while talking or dating.
  • Infinite TALKING Stamina — Your stamina doesn’t deplete while talking in the game.
  • Insta-Max Passion — You will get max date passion in faster.
  • Infinite Seeds [Open Store] — Upon the store opening, you will be granted 900 of each seed.
  • Unlock All Outfits and Hairstyles — All the outfits and hairstyles will be unlocked.
  • Insta-Max Affection — You will get max date affection quickly.
  • Insta-Max Bonus Affection — It amplifies your bonus date affection.
  • Freeze Bonus Affection Decrease — It stabilizes the bonus affection drop.

Now how to make use of these cheats? Keep reading to find out.

How To Use HuniePop 2 Cheat Codes?

Just proceed with these quick steps and you are good to go.

  • Install the cheat engine.
  • Download the files provided at the end of the post.
  • Double click on the .CT file.
  • Click on the PC button in the cheat engine and choose the game process.
  • Keep the list.
  • Now, switch on the trainer option or fix the values from 0 to 1.

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HuniePop 2 Console Commands

  • You will need to activate the developer console to execute console commands in HuniePop 2. When activated, you will be enabled to use the following console commands.
  • Now press F1 to enter the console commands, type the command and again press F1 to trigger the same command.

Files To Use Cheat Codes

 You can now use the HuniePop2 cheat codes and console commands and linger longer on a date with the girl, keep put your stamina, and perform the s**ual tasks.