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Hungry Hearts Diner Neo: How To Get Salisbury Steak

Read this to obtain Salisbury Steak in Hungry Hearts.

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo is a restaurant management simulation. Here you play as the owner of a small and cozy Japanese eatery in 70s Tokyo. This casual game uses simple anime characters design and has a bunch of recipes for you to try and evolve your diner. If you are enjoying this relaxing story and have stuck at the level where you have to make Steak but don’t know how to get it. Then read this guide to learn where you can get Salisbury Steak in Hungry Hearts Diner Neo and level up for Steak.

How to Get Salisbury Steak in Hungry Hearts Diner Neo

Salisbury Steak Hungry Hearts Diner Neo

There are six menu sections in the game; Rice, Entrées, Side, Other, and more. Salisbury Steak is an Entrées dish. That you unlock while leveling up in the game and food menu. So the only reason you cannot find this dish on your entrees menu is that you haven’t leveled up to that stage where you can cook this dish.

Salisbury Steak is made with Napolitan Pasta at level 6 of the game. And Napolitan Pasta is unlocked at level 3 after Croquettes. Croquettes are made after Ham Cutlet, and Ham cutlet production starts with Raw Egg.

Raw Egg > Ham Cutlet > Croquettes > Napolitan Pasta > Salisbury Steak

Where is It on Menu?

  • Launch your game and tap on the “Food” option in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Then choose the “All” section. And scroll down to find either Steak, Fruit Parfait or Chicken Rice. Salisbury Steak is located before Fruit Parfait or Chicken Rice and after Steak dishes.
  • You can also go to the Entrées section and scroll to find Macaroni Gratin or Ginger Pork. As you will mostly find it before Macaroni Gratin and after Ginger Pork dishes.

In this guide, you learned all about the location of Salisbury Steak and how you can get it in Hungry Hearts Diner Neo. Plus, what dishes do you need to unlock and obtain it? So if you found this guide knowledgeable, also read the delivery guide for Mr.Haku and Chinese food for Catherine.