Hungry Hearts Diner Neo Guide: Delivery For Mr. Haku?

Haku does not mention the dishes he wants in his " Taste of Sea" order.

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo is a casual restaurant management sim game. It is the latest installment in the Hungry Hearts series. While the grandma is back in the diner, she has also got an assistant to help her out this time. That being said, this game also adds a delivery system to the mix, making things a little more complicated for the players. Often, characters can be ambiguous when placing their orders and you might not know what dishes to actually cook. One such delivery order is for Mr. Haku in Hungry Hearts Diner Neo.

He states that he would “enjoy a taste of sea today”. However, no further details are given. This guide explains what the actual dishes for the delivery are.

Hungry Hearts Diner Neo Guide: Mr. Haku “Taste Of Sea” Delivery


Mr. Haku is one of the characters in the game that places delivery orders through the phone. One of his orders states that he would enjoy a taste of the sea today. There are no other details in the order. With so many seafood items on the menu, it is easy for you to get confused about what to actually cook. To save you the wrong order deliveries, we can disclose that the dishes required are Tempura Bowl and Crab Croquette.

Both these dishes are unlocked by progressing through the main storyline of the game. They will not be available on the menu early on in the game. However, as you unlock new customers, you will also unlock new dishes for the diner. Once you have unlocked these dishes, you can cook and successfully complete the “Taste Of Sea” delivery for Mr. Haku.

That is all you need to know to complete the delivery for Mr. Haku in Hungry Hearts Diner Neo. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more guides related to the game, check out Hungry Hearts Diner Neo Delivery Guide: Chinese Food For Catherine?