How To Get Silver Sword in Witcher Monster Slayer?

If you want to get a Siler Sward in Witcher Moster, Check out our article to do so.

The gameplay of the Witcher Moster slayer is very interesting. Its gameplay is similar to that of Pokemon Go except for the number of characters and creatures from the Witcher Universe. As you will step inside the game you will come across monsters complete quests, and brew powerful decoctions to help you on your journey in the game.

Witcher Monster Slayer: How to Get Silver Sword?

Here is all the information you need to know about how to get Silver Sword in The Witcher Monster Slayer. There are a total of two options that can be used to obtain a Silver Sword in the game.

1. Buying from the store

At the start of the game, there is only one way of getting a silver sword and that is by buying it from the game’s store. The cheapest of all is Ursine Silver Sword and it will cost you 1,800 gold coins.

To go to the store, click on the icon at the bottom right corner. It will open into an equipment tab which will have steel swords, silver swords, and armor.

2. Silver Swords

Here are all types of Silver Swords available in the store:

  • To increases damage from quick attacks by 15% use Feline Silver Sword
  • To increases, damage from strong attacks by 15% use Ursine Silver Sword
  • To increases the critical hit loading speed by 10% use Wolven Silver Sword
  • To increases, the strength of the sign by 30% use Griffin Silver Sword
  • To Increases signs renewal by 30% use Manticore Silver Sword
  • To has a 15% chance to deal fire damage use Melltith
  • To increases your experience gain by 25% use A’Baeth

The game has two types of weapons — Steel Sword and Silver Sword. Every enemy is different and their powers are also different so before getting into a fight always keep this in mind before you start playing the game.

That’s it you are done with all the possible ways to get Silver Sword in The Witcher: Monster Slayer. If you haven’t registered yet for it check out our article on The Witcher: Monster Slayer: How To Pre-Register & Download On Android.