How To Earn Real Money By Playing MIR4 In 2022?

Here's a quick guide on how to sell Draco via WEMIX wallet in MIR4.

MIR4 has been in the news ever since it was launched globally last month. The reason why people are curious to know is it allows its users to smelt and exchange Draco and make real-world money. Since the process of earning money is a bit completed in Mir4, tons of fans who are curious to learn it and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

In this post, we will not only explain how to make money by simply playing MIR4 but also explain what Draco is and how to mine Darksteel, number of Darksteel is needed to smelt Draco and how to sell it via WEMIX Wallet. If you are interested to know all of these things then keep reading this post.

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Wha is DRACO in MIR4?

Draco is a utility cryptocurrency token in MIR4. With the help of Draco, players can buy the desired in-game items.

Here’s how the creators of MIR4 have described Draco on the game’s official site:

“a coin with a new concept to allow in-game assets to be freely exchanged, stored, sold, and purchased outside of the game. The intrinsic value of the coin is guaranteed through the value of resources derived from the game.”

If you want to get Draco in Mir4, you will have to smelt Draco. For the unversed, to earn 1 Draco in the games, players are required to have 100K DS and additional Derby. The number of Darksteel needed to smelt Draco will increase depending on the number of Darksteel mined in Mir4.

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How to Earn Money In MIR4?

Similar to Axie Infinity, Plant vs. Undead, players will be able to earn cryptocurrency tokens by playing Mir4. When you progress through the game or mine, you will obtain Darksteel that can be exchanged or smelted into Draco. Notably, if you want to earn one Draco, you will need to have 100K Darksteel plus additional Derby. This amount of Darksteel to earn one Draco will vary as you mine more Darksteel in the game.

Unlike other games, Mir4 has its own cryptocurency wallet called WEMIX, allowing users to store and trade Draco. Through this wallet, you can covert WEMIX Token into real-world money.

How to Mine Darksteel in MIR4?

Earning Darksteel in MIR4 is pretty easy. All you need to do is either mine or complete quests in the game. The more you mine the more you earn Darksteel in Mir4. The best thing about this game is the process of mining can be automated by simply tapping on ‘Auto’mode.

Once you have successfully on the ‘Auto’ mode, the AI of MIR4 will automatically do all the Darksteel farming for you.

How to Get Draco In MIR4?

As we have already mentioned above, there are two ways that can be used to obtain Draco in MIR4 — Mining and Smelting Darksteel.

If you really want to earn money in MIR4 but don’t know the process then follow the steps that we have mentioned below:

  • Download and Install MIR4 on your phone, and PC.
  • Once installed, you will have to reach Level 10.
  • Once you reach Level 40, you will have mining Darksteel process unlocked.
  • Once unlocked, you will have to obtain at least 100K Darksteel by completing quest and mining.
  • Find the NPC named “Metal Craftman” or tap on ‘Menu>Market>Draco’.
  • Now, log in to your WEMIX Wallet.
  • Smelt Darksteel into Draco
  • Once smelted, you will receive a notification of the successful transaction.
  • You can also covert or exchange Draco into Darksteel through the Smelting menu.

How To Sell/Trade Draco Via WEMIX Wallet?

Once you are done converting your Darksteel into Draco, you will have to follow these simple steps to sell it on the market:

  • Open up WEMIX wallet on your phone.
  • Go to the the WEMIX DEX (Decentralized Exchange)
  • Put a sell order for Draco to get WEMIX Credit.
  • Exchange WEMIX CREDIT with WEMIX Token
  • Transfer WEMIX to listed exchanges (Bithumb or BiKi)
  • Trade WEMIX to other cryptocurrency
  • There are currently two WEMIX tokens —Bithumb exchange and BiKi exchange.
  • That’s it.

That’s everything you need to know about how to earn money by playing MIR4.