MIR4 DRACO to PHP Today’s Exchange Rate/Chart (2023)

Here's everything you need to know about MIR4 Draco to PHP converter.

Similar to Plant Vs Undead (PVU), MIR4 does allow its users to earn tokens called, Draco, that can be exchanged into the Philippines Peso (PHP) or any other country across the globe. Irrespective of which region or country you belong to, once you have accumulated enough Draco in MIR4, you can convert them into your regional currency such as PHP, USD, INR, and others.

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Before I teach you how to convert MIR4 Draco into PHP, let me explain what actually Draco is and how you can earn it by playing MIR4 on your phone and PC.

What Is DRACO In MIR4?

Draco is nothing but a Fungible Token that MIR4 players can exchange with other users using the Wemix App’s Market. If you want all of your Draco to be shown in the Wemix Wallet, you will need to pay some additional fee including Derby by using Smelt or Exchange Draco into Darksteel.

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Notably, players can only use Draco in MIR4 after reaching level 40. To open Market in Mir4, tap on the ‘+’ icon located on the extreme top right corner of the screen. There, you will need to tap on the ‘Market’ option and select ‘Draco’. Players can go to the Market section via NPC Jae Joman of Bicheon Castle.

Doing this will show you Wemix Wallet. There, you will need to tap on the refresh button to see the total number of Draco you have. Before you smelt Draco in MIR4, make sure your MIR4 account is linked with Wemix Wallet.

How To Earn Draco Coin (DT)?

As we have already mentioned above, players will have to complete missions and in-game activities to earn Draco coins in MIR4. Once you obtain enough Draco coins, you will be able to use them to buy in-game items, upgrade your skills and exchange them into PHP, US Dollar, and other currencies.

Apart from completing in-game missions and activities, players can earn a decent number of Draco coins by simply smelting Darksteel that they have earned while playing the game.

Draco to PHP Calculator 2023: How much is 1 DT Token in Philippine Peso?

Since the price of Draco is not permanent, you will have to check Draco’s price every day before you exchange it to PHP or any other currency. When you convert 1 Draco to PHP (Philippines Peso) today, you will get only 0.21 Philippine Peso. Notably, the rate that we have mentioned here is calculated by using the International Currency Exchange Rate.

  • 1 DT Token = 0.21 Philippine Peso (PHP)

If you want to convert 1 DT (Draco) to other currencies, you will have to click on this link.

Draco To PHP Conversion Rate 2023

DRACO [DT Token] PHP [Philippine Peso]
0.5 DT Token 0.10 Philippine Peso
1 DT Token 0.21 Philippine Peso
5 DT Token 1.05 Philippine Peso
10 DT Token 2.10 Philippine Peso
50 DT Token 10.48 Philippine Peso
100 DT Token 20.96 Philippine Peso
500 DT Token 104.82 Philippine Peso
1000 DT Token 209.63 Philippine Peso


Question 1. What is the official website of MIR4?

Ans: The official website of MIR4 is https://www.mir4draco.com/.

Question 2. What is the value of 1 Draco?

Ans: The price or value of the Draco coin is not fixed. Yes, it keeps changing. The value of 1 Draco is 0.22 Philippine Peso at the moment.

Question 3. Can we convert Draco coin into PHP?

Ans: Yes, Draco coin can be converted into any currency across the world. If you convert 1 Draco today, you will get 0.0726 Philippine Peso.

That’s all you need to know about Draco to PHP converter. While you are here, you might be interested in knowing how to earn, smelt and exchange Draco in MIR4. If that’s true then click on the link. When you click on the bold link, you will get to learn everything about Draco, the MIR4 Marketing system, and more.