PUBG Mobile And Higurashi Anime Collab: How To Participate, Event Dates And Rewards

Higurashi characters will feature in PUBG. Here are the PUBG and Higurashi collab event dates, how to participate and event special rewards.

PUBG Japan has had multiple anime collabs, and the Higurashi Anime collab is the latest one. The Higurashi and PUBG collab is a bit unexpected when you look at the previous anime collabs but fits perfectly with the Halloween theme. PUBG x Higurashi collab has already begun, so let’s see the start and end date of the collab event, all the rewards, and competitions available for players.

PUBG And Higurashi Collab Event Dates

The PUBG x Higurashi collab event is available for all Japanese players of PUBG from 1st October to 14th October 2021. Players can obtain multiple rewards from the collab event, but the three voice cards are the most prominent. The event will be accessible from the “events” banner on the right side of your screen. Players will have to complete a simple challenge given by Rena to get the voice cards and other rewards. To complete the challenge, you will have to defeat an enemy by a short-ranged melee kill, which is an easy task for regular PUBG players.

PUBG And Higurashi Collab Event Rewards

As we have already mentioned, the most important rewards you can get in the collab event are the three voice cards of the characters from the Higurashi anime. Apart from that, after completing the task, players will get a Traveler ticket which they can use to open a special event crate. The crates will have the same old skins, but many players have mentioned that the probability of getting rare items increases in the case of special event crates. Apart from that, players can share specific event-related tweets, and the ones with the most likes will get amazon gift cards as rewards. The event doesn’t bring much for PUBG fans, but if you are a fan of Higurashi, it will be fun to see your favorite characters in a different setting.

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