HoloCure: How To Use Special Skills?

Special Skills can be very useful in HoloCure.

Special Skills can be used to bail players out from tight corners in HoloCure. These Skills can be used to kill multiple monsters at once and give you some breathing room in intense fights. Players that want to learn how to use Special Skills in HoloCure can go through the guide below.

How To Use Special Skills In HoloCure?


Players will first need to purchase Special SKills from the Shop. That is the only way to obtain them in the game. After the Special Skill has been purchased, it can be equipped for the character. However, players will need to wait for the bar to fill up and then they can use the equipped Special Skill by pressing the X button. Each Special Skill has a specific amount of time required for its cooldown. We have listed the cooldown time for each Special Skill below.

  • Slow Time: 60 sec
  • Shark Call: 45 sec
  • Tako Spin: 60 sec
  • Phoenix Fire: 60 sec
  • The Reaper: 80 sec
  • Absolute Chaos: 90 sec
  • Ruler of Time: 90 sec
  • Mother Nature: 90 sec
  • True Horror: 80 sec
  • Become Beeg: 90 sec
  • Hope is Descending: 60 sec
  • Fubuki Storm: 85 sec
  • Hatotaurus: 80 sec
  • Mogu Mogu: 60 sec
  • Ending Making Time!: 60 sec
  • Idol Dream: 70 sec
  • Full Concert: 80 sec
  • Hi-Spec Mode: 60 sec
  • Summon Blocks: 65 sec
  • Demon Lord’s Domain: 50 sec
  • Change of Heart: 10 sec
  • Banpire: 100 sec
  • WASSHOI!: 70 sec
  • Shallys: 100 sec
  • Duck Shout: 70 sec
  • S. Dynamite Body: 70 sec
  • KusogaKick: 90 sec
  • Spirit of the Oni: 75 sec
  • NEKO: 60 sec

Players can also use Idol Costume or buy updates to reduce cooldown in the Shop. Each of these Special Skills can be used to repel multiple enemies at a time. This is why players should unlock these Special Skills as soon as possible in the game.

This is everything players need to know about using Special Skills in HoloCure. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more HoloCure guides, check out How To Aim In HoloCure?