How To Aim In HoloCure?

Aiming and shooting is quite an essential part of HoloCure.

HoloCure is a Roguelike, Shooter game. Therefore, aiming and shooting is quite an essential part of the game. Since enemies can come from any direction, having the freedom to aim would be quite helpful for players. That being said, players may have struggled to actually aim in HoloCure. This guide will explain everything that you need to know about aiming in the game.

HoloCure: How To Aim?


As much as players need some aiming mechanism, it is not a part of the game. Players cannot aim in HoloCure because that is the way the game has been set up. There is no aim key bind in the game and you will have to depend on the game for aiming. Each default unlocked character indicates this with instructions like  “in front” or “horizontal only”. This means that players can only hit the targets that are in front of them and cannot rotate their aim.

However, while players can only aim their primary weapons forward, the same is not true for Items, Specials, or Secondary Weapons. Players will not be able to aim these items but they can provide AoE damage that can take out enemies surrounding the players no matter which direction they are in. Items like BL Books are good for this as they can be dropped at set intervals where the player is standing. Players can also use Specials to their advantage by timing them right. With these Specials and Items, players can overcome the challenges of not being able to aim in HoloCure.

Lastly, players can also use mods in the game to provide aim assistance. However, these mods can be a bit unreliable so players should use them at their own discretion.

That is everything players to know about how to aim in HoloCure. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more HoloCure guides, check out How To Get Super Items In HoloCure?