HoloCure: How To Get Super Items?

Super Items are extremely useful in HoloCure but they are also quite rare.

We already know that Items play an important role in HoloCure. However, players can also attain Super Items in the game that usually have better stats than regular items. In addition, they can also replace any penalties with new buffs and can even introduce new abilities for players. They are maxed-out items that do not require any upgrades. This guide will explain how players can get Super Items in HoloCure.

How To Get Super Items In HoloCure?


While Super Items are extremely useful in the game, they are also quite rare. Though a bug let them appear a lot more frequently in the game earlier, it has now been fixed and Super items are back to being rare in the game. Players stand a 5% chance of drawing a Holozon Box that is a Super Box and can grant them a single Super Item. The draw is quite random and players may also draw a Super Item that they already possess.

Since they are stronger versions of normal items in HoloCure, Super Items often enhance or upgrade the abilities of the items. Let us briefly take a look at the buffs and abilities activated by each Super Item in HoloCure.

  • Super Study Glasses: Increase XP gain by 40% and double the chance of a Rainbow XP drop.
  • Super Idol Costume: Reduce special cooldown by 45%, and allows the use of special once more immediately per charge.
  • Super Super Chatto Time!: Targets drop 100% more HoloCoins, and picking up coins heal three HP.
  • Super Gorilla’s Paw: Increase attack damage by 50% and critical hits do 50% more damage.
  • Super Body Pillow: Gain a shield that absorbs up to 40 damage, and refreshes every 15 seconds. Also reduces damage taken by 30%, and heals for ten HP every three seconds when your shield is full.
  • Super Knightly Milk: Increases the attack size of weapons by 30%, increases pick up range by 100% and Max HP by 20.
  • Super Energy Drink: Increases Haste by 30% and SPD by 60%.

That is how players can get Super Items in HoloCure. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more HoloCure guides, check out How To Unlock All Items In HoloCure?