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Holocure: How To Get Idol Song?

Unlocking new weapons is crucial to the progress of a player in Holocure.

Holocure has a number of different weapons that players can acquire, each with its specific stats and skills. The Idol Song is a basic weapon that comprises magical music notes floating vertically in both directions. This weapon can be used to collab with Glowstick and Rap Dog. Its special attack, Hope is Descending, can cause 250% damage. While the weapon is a strong one, players might not be clear about how to get Idol Song in Holocure.

This guide will explain the process to acquire this powerful weapon.

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How to Get Idol Song In Holocure?


Unlocking new weapons is crucial to the progress of a player in Holocure. Players need to keep unlocking and upgrading their weapons if they wish to get through the difficult stages of the game. The Idol Song is simple enough to unlock once players know what they need to do. To unlock this weapon, players need to first unlock IRyS in Holocure.

IRyS is a playable character who belongs to Project: HOPE. Players can unlock this character through the Character Gacha. Her starting weapon is the Nephilim Blast. She also has three unique skills: Half Angel, Half Demon, and Hope.

Once players have unlocked IRyS, they need to survive with this Hololive VTuber character for 10 minutes in a normal match. The good news is that it doesn’t matter whether players win or lose. As long as they stay alive in the match for 10 minutes, they will unlock the Idol Song in Holocure. The weapon will automatically be unlocked once players pass the 10-minute mark in the game. Players will be able to select and use this weapon after they finish the match.

That is how players can get the Idol Song in Holocure. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more Holocure guides, check out How To Get Coins In Holocure?