Holocure: How To Get Coins?

It can be difficult to stock up on Coins in Holocure.

Gold Coins are quite important in Holocure. They can be used to pull for characters in Character Gacha. In addition, players can also use them to buy upgrades or enhance weapons beyond their max level using anvils. It can be difficult to stock up on Coins as there are limited means of obtaining them. However, if players choose the best methods to farm Coins, they should have enough currency for all their needs.

In this guide, we will explain the most efficient ways to get Coins in Holocure.

How To Get Coins In Holocure?


There are multiple ways to farm for Coins in Holocure. However, some methods are more effective than others. We have listed and explained all the ways to earn Coins in the game below.

Increase Earnings With Special Items

There are special items in Holocure that can give out Coins. Players can use these items to substantially increase their earnings. The Stolen Piggy Bank can give 1 HoloCoin per second. Meanwhile, Halu grants Coins based on the number of enemies defeated after getting the item. Players can also use the Stage HoloCoin multiplier to get increased HoloCoins during each run. The Super Chatto Time! item can increase the number of coins gained from HoloCoin pickups dropped by defeated enemies. Players can also get the Money Gain Up shop upgrade to increase the amount of HoloCoins gained from all sources. It does not affect the earnings obtained from Halu.

Level Up

When players level up, they stand a chance of getting +100 HoloCoins. This is why leveling up frequently is a good idea. It not only makes the player stronger but also grants rewards.

Stage Mode

Playing Stage mode is also a good way to earn HoloCoins as players get bonus gold on each run. Players get HoloCoins after completing a Stage. The number of Coins earned depends on the number of coins players collect during their run.

Defeat Enemies

Players can get HoloCoins when they defeat enemies in the game. Game Bosses also drop Holozon Boxes when defeated. These boxes reward a random amount of HoloCoins to players.

These are all the best ways to obtain Coins in Holocure. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more gaming guides, check out How To Meet All NPCs In Terraria?