How To Meet All NPCs In Terraria?

Eager to meet all the NPCs in Terraria? Here's how to do it.

There are a number of NPCs that players can meet through their journey in Terraria. Players will have to meet different requirements for each NPC before they encounter them in the game. There are some NPCs that are only available in the Hardmode of the game. Players can refer to this guide and get a better understanding of how they can meet all NPCs in Terraria.

Terraria: How To Meet All NPCs?


Once players have completed all the requirements and built a room for the NPC, they will be able to meet them in the game. However, there are some NPCs that are only available after players have activated Hardmode. Players will first have to defeat the Wall of Flesh boss to get Hardmode. We have explained how players can meet each NPC in the game below.


This NPC will give players advice on getting other NPCs besides other things. Players can create a new world to meet this NPC.


This merchant sells basic tools, supplies, and marshmallows in the Snow biome. All players need to have 50 silver coins or more combined to encounter this NPC.


This NPC can heal players and give them debuffs for coins. Players can meet this NPC when they have more than 100 health.


This NPC sells explosives and can only be encountered when a player has an explosive in their inventory.

Dye Trader

Players can buy the Dye Vat crafting station and exchange Strange Plants for rare dyes from this trader. To meet this NPC, players need to have a dye item or ingredients.


Players can get fishing quests that give out useful rewards for completion by meeting this NPC. You can find this NPC in the Ocean biome and speak to them.


This NPC sells items for critters. Players will have to fill 10% of the Bestiary before they unlock this NPC.


Players can get nature, corruption, and crimson items from this NPC. Players will need to defeat a boss other than King Slime and Wall of Flesh.


This NPC sells paints, painting tools, Jungle Pylon, and paintings. Players will first need to acquire 8 other Town NPCs before they can meet the painter in Terraria. It is compulsory for players to collect the Old Man and Travelling Merchant before encountering this NPC.


Players can buy golf clubs and other golfing accessories by speaking to the Golfer in the Underground Desert.

Arms Dealer

This NPC sells guns, bullets, and other kinds of ammo. Players need to have bullets or a gun in their inventory to get this NPC.


This NPC sells items for coins or Defender Medals to summon and fight the Old One’s Army. Players will have to defeat Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu to meet him.


This NPC can change a player’s hairstyle and also sells hair dyes. Players can speak to her when they free her from a Spider Cave.

Goblin Tinkerer

This NPC sells items like the Tinkerer’s Workshop and can also reforge items. Players will first have to defeat the Goblin Invasion before they can speak to the Goblin Tinkerer in the cavern layer.

Witch Doctor

This NPC sells blowguns, imbuing stations, summoner equipment, and fountains. Players will have to defeat the Queen Bee to meet this NPC.


Players can purchase vanity items from this NPC after unlocking them by defeating Skeletron.


This NPC sells Wrenches, Wires, and other mechanism items. Players can speak to the Mechanic in the dungeon.

Party Girl

This NPC sells items that create colourful visual effects. Players will have to acquire 14 Town NPCs before they can unlock the Party Girl in Terraria. This includes Old Man and Travelling Merchant. Even then, the chances of acquiring this NPC are 1/40.

Travelling Merchant

This wandering Terraria NPC can be encountered during morning hours (04:30am – 12:00pm) when 2 other NPCs are in town. Players can buy unique items from this merchant on each visit.

Old Man

This NPC can be found at the entrance to the dungeon at night. Once players defeat Skeletron, this NPC will become the Clothier.

Skeleton Merchant

This merchant sells a variety of items like Counterweights, Spelunker Glowsticks, Yoyo Gloves, Slap Hand, and Magic Lanterns. Players can meet this NPC in the caverns. However, this is a rare NPC and players will need to be on the lookout.

Town Cat

Players can buy the cat licence from Zoologist. They will need 10% bestiary. There should also be no other Town Cats.

Town Dog

Players can buy the dog licence from Zoologist. They will need 10% bestiary. There should also be no other Town Dogs.

Town Bunnies

Players can buy the bunny licence from Zoologist. They will need 10% bestiary. There should also be no other Town Bunnies.

Apart from these, there are also some additional NPCs that are only unlocked in the Hardmode of Terraria. We have explained how to meet these NPCs after unlocking Hardmode.


This NPC sells magic items and can be found in Hardmode’s Cavern layer.

Tax Collector

This Terraria NPC collects 50 copper coins in property taxes from other NPCs in town. To get this NPC, players need to transform a Tortured Soul with Purification Powder in the Underworld biome.


This NPC sells Autohammer, Mushroom Spear, and some other mushroom-related items. Players can build a house in an above-ground Glowing Mushroom biome to meet this NPC.


This NPC sells cannon and pirate-related items. Players need to defeat a Pirate Invasion before encountering this NPC.


This NPC sells Clentaminator, Teleporter, Jetpack, and other items. Players will have to defeat a Mechanical Boss to unlock this NPC.


This NPC sells Promimixty Mine Launcher, Rockets, and Nanites. Players can defeat Plantera to get this NPC.

Santa Claus

This is a special NPC that only appears during the Christmas season (December 15th-31st). Players will have to defeat the Frost Legion to meet him. He sells Santa costumes and other Christmas-themed decorations.


This NPC is unlocked after players have found all Town NOCs and built an empty house. Town pets and Santa Claus are not necessary to acquire this NPC.

These are all the NPCs in Terraria. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more gaming guides, check out How To Revisit Towns In Fire Emblem Engage?