HoloCure: How To Use The Cheat Engine?

The Cheat Engine can make progressing through HoloCure much faster for players.

HoloCure is a fun game that also provides enough challenges to players to keep them engaged. However, sometimes the game might prove too challenging for the players. Moreover, players might just want to avoid farming for resources while playing. This is why players might want to know how to use Cheat Engine in HoloCure. Let us go through the guide below to find out more.

How To Use The Cheat Engine In HoloCure?


The HoloCure Cheat Engine can be used for a number of reasons. Players can use it to change stats like HP and Attack, earn endless money, improve their weapons, and kill hard bosses in the game. While Cheat Engine can be a useful tool for HoloCure players, we suggest that they use it at their own discretion. Using unauthorized cheats can lead to a player’s account being banned on occasion.

That being said, if players still want to use Cheat Engine, they can follow the steps given below.

  • Go to the official Cheat Engine website.
  • Select the latest version and install it. It is available for both Mac and PC. Once players have installed Cheat Engine, they can use it to change in-game data.
  • When players are using it, they will need to enter the value of the particular aspect of the game they want to change. They can change anything from the character HP to the amount of money they have in the game. Players will need to spend or earn more money for the cheat to reflect the changes,
  • Subsequently, players can continue to do the second scan and enter a new value.
  • Cheat Engine will show players some memory addresses. They can change them to the desired value they need and save changes.

This is how players can use the Cheat Engine in HoloCure. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more HoloCure guides, check out How To Use Special Skills In HoloCure?