Guilty Gear Strive: Best Mods That You Must Install In 2022

What are some of the best Guilty Gear Strive mods?

Guilty Gear Strive is a popular fighting game and also the latest entry in the Guilty Gear franchise. The game has hooked the audience with its immersive story mode which is promised to be longer than a movie. Made rich by a cast of new and returning characters, it’s a game that is welcoming to beginners and veterans alike.

In fact, the game even won the Game Awards as the Best Fighting Game. With so many accolades to its name, GG Strive does not need another way to hook players but its mods do just that. Ranging from funny to challenging, these mods provide a lot of unexpected developments in the game. Let us look at some of the best Guilty Gear Strive mods that you need to try in 2022.

Best Guilty Gear Strive Mods – 2022

Potato Mod

Potato mods Guilty Gear Strive

The Potato Mod is a must-try for players that do not have high-end devices to play games on. This fantastic little mod completely transforms GGS in a way that it can be run on systems that do not match the processing and graphics required for the game. With the help of this mod, truly everyone can get to enjoy the game. It reduces the system requirements in such a way that gamers can enjoy a watered-down version of the game. Gamers who want to play the potato version of the game but don’t want the graphics lowered all the way down can try the lite version of the mod.

Wolverine Mod

Wolverine mods Guilty Gear Strive

This one is for all the X-Men fans out there. Transform Guilty Gear Strive with one of the best mods in the game. Through this mod, players can replace Leo and get the classic Wolverine instead. It is an awesome chance for comic book fans to play their favorite character in their favorite game. Get the adamantium-clawed X-Men member to fight your battles for you. The skin might not add anything to the character’s abilities but it sure looks cool. Enjoy this GGS and X-Men cross-over with the help of the Wolverine mod.

Blade Mod

Blade mod Guilty Gear Strive

If you rather prefer your characters gritty, try this skin swap mod for Nagoriyuki. It is an ironic mod since Blade is a Vampire hunter and Nagoriyuki is a Vampire Samurai in the game. Blade has a solid fan base so it wouldn’t be a surprise that they would want their favorite character as a part of GGS. Get the best of both worlds with this Blade Mod.

OST Replacers Mod

OST Replacers

Dance to your own tune with the help of this OST Replacers mod. Through it, players can change the original soundtrack of the game to soundtracks from other iconic games. It is a surreal experience to play GGS to the sounds of Persona 4 Arena. If that sounds like something right up your alley, go ahead and give this mod a try.

21st Century Humor Counter Hit Sound Effect Mod

Meme mod

Sometimes less is more and that is definitely the case with the 21st Century Humor Counter Hit Sound Effect Mod. It doesn’t make any great additions to the game. In fact, it doesn’t add any value to the game except humor. This mod simply adds random meme sounds to the game when attacking opponents. It might not sound like much but the effect can be quite hilarious. Imagine hearing the sounds of that funny meme in the middle of an epic battle. It might not be great for your concentration but it does provide great comic relief.

These are some of the best mods in Guilty Gears Strive that you absolutely need to check out. For more GGS, check out Guilty Gear Strive (GGS) Tier List (January 2022)