Top 5 Grim Dawn Builds 2022 – Damage Output, Survivability & More

This article is intended to recommend a few of the finest Grim Dawn 2022 builds, each with insights.

Despite the many popular RPG games that already exist, Grim Dawn has succeeded in establishing a powerful fandom by delivering quick-paced and intense gameplay. Its hostile fashion mechanics and intimidating quest further contribute by adding more spark to its popularity.

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Also, it qualifies handy builds that allow you to surpass your opponent’s when it comes to your survival and prospective destruction. Hence in this post, we list builds that crack both of these variables.

Grim Dawn Builds 2022

There’s two mastery in Grim Dawn and the second mastery makes you a new class. You get to work out your distinctive build by blending the expertise of both masteries.
There are zillions of builds available in the game which makes it hard for players to pick the right ones. Hence, this guide comes in handy so without any more delay let’s get started with the top Grim Dawn builds of the year 2022.

1. Druid

Average build with a variation of Shaman and Arcanist mastery when preferred Shaman as your first class. Since their skill trees have provision for elemental damage, good sync can be seen within the class. You may have higher output damage here, but you’re less durable and have to carefully manipulate your character regularly to thrive. This build play against heroes and bosses’ rivals in the Crucible.


  • You are allowed to level up using Primal Strike which has high damage output and can flourish in AOE as well as single-target damage. However, this is possible only when you began with Shaman.
  • Shaman spells offer significant standing power.
  • You can make use of the huge array of support for elemental damage with skills like Wind Devil and others. There exist few viable end games for Druid.
  • You can supplement your build with several strong monsters infrequent.

2. Dervish

The mission of this build is to destroy the secret Crate super boss. It’s a blend of Nightblade and Oathkeeper and you have a great chance to advance in the game if favoured an Oathkeeper. Both of them feature solid supporting skills for vitality, acid damage and are also highly durable and mobile.


  • You can avert your attention on Vire’s Might to blaze through the early levels until you are comfortable to switch to another set up when you select Oathkeeper.
  • Oathkeeper skill tree entails several ability modifiers.
  • Offers huge bonuses to both skills as well as converts Eye of Reckoning and Shadowstrike to inflict acid damage via Dunefiend.

3. Vindicator

A mix of Shaman and Inquisitor masteries, Vindicator works out to continue his venture. Whatever you prefer leveling up is quite easy with this build as both skill tress support for elemental damage essentially lightening. This build has the best damage outputs as well as defenses.


  • Entry to strong leveling skills in both the classes.
  • Great for feasible end game materials and also features beneficial monsters infrequent to offer an upper hand when progressing.
  • Allows you to decrease elemental resistance with certain abilities in many ways. This in turn helps you inflict pretty good harm to your enemies.
  • Powerful defensive abilities.

4. Battlemage

Best fit for starter class with a mix of Soldier and Arcanist. This build is meant to dispatch several Cthotians with Olexra’s Flash Freeze. You can use solid passive and toggle buffs together with helpful leveling skills available in the skill tree earlier. It facilitates average output damage and survivability.


  • Force wave makes it possible to level a breeze while Arcanist skill tree assists this with capabilities like Mental Alacrity.
  • It includes quite a lot of monster infrequent support inflicting physical harm on enemies.
  • The moment you hit level 94 you are likely to turn to exciting endgame builds.

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5. Ritualist

This build plays against Aetherial undead and is a combo of Necromancer and Shaman masteries rendering it a perfect class for leveling up. Both of them possess powerful supporting skills for vitality damage and pet-focused builds. Ritualist is a well-rounded class with strong damage output and durability.

  • Features:
  • Several Items sets like Beastcaller’s Regalia make your build pretty strong at the endgame and powerful enough to know out challenging bosses.
  • Pet spells in both the skill trees let you summon a significantly tiny army of minions to battle for you. This can happen only when you opt for a pet-oriented playstyle.
  • Several spell availabilities let you inflict huge damage and help you retain health when mobile.
  • Ritualist supports a plethora of monster infrequent.


With this, our guide on Grim Dawn builds 2022 ends. The builds enlisted here vary upon your preferences as well as what level you are playing. Besides, combat moves you opt for and the attacks you prefer significantly shapes your decision

Hope this guide brings you a major relieve In selecting the best build. Here are other guides on Grim Dawn you must check.