How To Get A Gifted Sub On Twitch?

Gifted subs are subscriptions given by a Twitch viewer in a stream to other viewers as a gift.

Twitch is a streaming platform that has a strong gaming community. Viewers can support their favorite streamers on the platform through views, follows, subscriptions, and donations. However, another option that is quite common on Twitch is Gifted Dub. Those new to Twitch might not understand what Gifted Sub means but it is quite a familiar term for people on Twitch.

Gifted Subs are basically subscriptions that other viewers or streamers gift to a streamer’s community. For example, a viewer visits a livestream and likes their community and content. That viewer can choose to gift subs to other viewers watching the same livestream. This will not only help the streamer but also make the day of the viewer that got the gifted sub. In addition, a viewer can also choose to gift a sub to a particular Twitch user. In this case, the Twitch user does not have to be in the same stream or even online to receive the sub.  They will get a notification of the sub whenever they come online.


A gifted sub is exactly the same as a regular sub in terms of features. It varies from tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 subscriptions. Gifted sub can either be bought for other people in the stream or for a specific user.

How to Receive Gifted Subs on Twitch?



Since a gifted sub is basically a gift, there is no set way of getting a gifted sub. It is not polite to ask random users to gift subs on streams. In fact, some users can even feel harassed if a viewer continues to ask then for gifted subs. However, there are still a few things viewers can do to increase their chances of receiving a gifted sub. Let us take a look at them below.

Follow Smaller Communities

If you follow streamers that everyone around the world is following like Pokimane or Jacksepticeye, your chances of receiving a gifted sub drop drastically. It’s like playing the lottery with thousands of other contestants. However, if you follow a smaller community with limited amount of viewers, your chances of getting a gifted sub when someone gifts them randomly increase drastically. However, following very small communities that are hardly active will not help as these communities rarely get gifted subs. Try opting for communities with a moderate amount of activity.


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Be Active

Since Twitch is community, the best chance to get a gifted sub is by leaving an impression on the community. Be active on Twitch, participate in the chat during livestreams and be supportive of other players and the streamer you are watching. This way other Twitch users will get to know you over time and your chances of receiving a gifted sub will improve. In addition, make sure to keep the chat positive. Trolls are not popular anywhere and it is no different on Twitch. If a player is being unnecessarily rude or negative, other viewers will not be inclined to gift a sub to that person. Moreover, such viewers might also get banned from the channel.


Competitive Communities

Many communities on Twitch have a competitive leaderboard for those who gift out subs. Such communities have a higher chance of getting random gifted subs. It is advisable to follow such communities if you are looking to get a gift sub. n addition, hype trains are a great way to get a random gifted sub. If a channel is having a hype train, participate in the chat and contribute to the hype. This can often lead to some sort of a reward.

These are all the ways that Twitch users can get a gifted sub on the platform. For more Twitch related content, see Is Prime Gaming Free With Amazon Prime?