Epic Seven (E7): How To Get Wanted Posters

Here is how to obtain Wanted Posters in E7.

Wanted Posters are required to take part in Expeditions. These Expeditions give you many useful rewards, such as Reforce Essences, Selection Chests, Reforge Essences, and more. Which can be used for further development of your units and equipment. Now the question is how can get these Wanted Posters in Epic Seven E7.

How to Get Wanted Posters in Epic Seven (E7)

Get Wanted Posters E7

There are five Wanted Posters or Expeditions at the time of writing this piece. These posters are classified into five elements of monsters. Pain Pursuer Moroi (Light), Destructive Gigantes (Dark), Hopeless Symaqus (Ice), Brutal Pherus (Fire), and Blooming Snag Lich (Earth) are all poster versions. And you can either participate in Open or Private recruitment. Private ones have better rewards, and you need to use posters here.

Expeditions unlock after you have completed Hunt stage 8. And that is when you become eligible to obtain posters in future Hunts. But you only find these posters in Hunt 8 or above. Plus, you can keep only a limited amount of posters in My Wanted Posters. So, clear your storage by taking part in Expedition before future endeavors.

Hunt stage 13 is considered best to farm these posters. But the biggest challenge players face in these poster hunts is that the poster reward system seems RNG. Because some players even after 20 or more runs get just 1 or 2 posters, while others get 5 in only 18 runs. So the chance of getting sufficient posters in a few runs is low. That is why autorun sessions are recommended in these challenges. They will save you time and effort.

To check how many posters you earned. First, go to the Battle section and choose Hunt. Then select Move to Expedition. On the bottom right corner of that screen is “My Wanted Posters“. Tap on it to see all the owned posters.

This is all you need to do to get Wanted Posters in Epic Seven. Are you looking for more such articles? Read the Expedition guide and how to farm Machinery in E7.