How To Get And Use Astral Forge In

Unlock and use Astral Forge in to get new gear effects and defeat the zombies faster.

Zombies incoming! Equip your gear and sharpen your swords or load your guns to protect the city from falling to doom. They are ruthless and come in hordes, outnumbering you at every stage. You might have mastered your weapons and skills, but that is not enough when you advance further in the game. Apart from upgrading your weapons and gears, you must unlock Astral Forge in and get their star effects.

We get equipment by clearing the chapters and leveling up, however, not every item you get is as useful as the others. Thankfully, the process of forging requires some materials, which we get by salvaging others. Rather than keeping them in your inventory, you can now utilize them to get something better. With that said, let us not waste any more and get familiar with the process.

How to Unlock and Use Astral Forge in

Unlock and Use Astral Forge in

You unlock Astral Forge by getting the Red (Legendary) rarity equipment in the It is a long process, so you can refer to our Red Gear guide and learn how to get them.

  1. After you have obtained the Legendary item, go to the main screen and tap on the Gun icon.
  2. Next, click on the Merge button.
  3. On the bottom right, you will see the Astral Forge button.
  4. You can also access the system by tapping on the Red Gear and using the Grade Skills toggle.
  5. On the forge page, you will see a plus sign on Gold (Epic) gear. To complete the process, you need an Epic version of the same equipment as the Legendary one you are forging. For example, if you want to forge Red Eternal Boots, you need Gold Eternal Boots.
  6. Apart from those, you also need Base Tech Materials and Void/Chaos/Eternal Core. The Core type changes depending on the gear.
  7. Once you have all the items, use the Astral Forge button and unlock the Forge Effect of any piece of equipment.

How to Salvage in

You will find the Salvage option inside the Astral Forge. It is in the bottom right corner. Select all the equipment you want to dismantle and tap on the Salvage button. You will get the materials and cores.

  • Normal Purple Gears = Base Tech Materials
  • Purple Void Gears = Base Tech Materials and Void Cores
  • Purple Chaos Gears = Base Tech Materials and Chaos Cores
  • Purple Eternal Gears = Base Tech Materials and Eternal Cores

That’s all you need to do to unlock and use Astral Forge in For more topics from this roguelike game, check out our dedicated section.