How To Get Stamina In Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat

Can't take part in the main story battles of Devil May Cry Peak of Combat due to low Stamina? Restore it with these methods.

Like most mobile RPGs you don’t get unlimited Stamina in Devil May Cry Peak of Combat. Since they aren’t required for events and some other game modes, many players after spending them on main story chapters wait till they replenish. However, to unlock all features, you must complete the sixth chapter of the game, and every battle costs 30. It wouldn’t take you much time to use them all. If luck is on your side, you might receive some from the developers as milestone celebration freebies, but that is rare.

Once you have unlocked the Slot of Slaughter, you will often spend these pizza slices on it, and then have to wait for it to restore automatically. Now, that will take a lot of time, almost an hour to get even 20. No need to worry though, as here are all the ways to get Stamina in DMC Peak of Combat.

All Ways to Get Stamina in Devil May Cry Peak of Combat

All Ways to Get Stamina in Devil May Cry Peak of Combat
Log in daily for free Stamina in DMC Peak of Combat

You get 20 Stamina every time you increase your Office level. At the earlier stage, the EXP required for it isn’t much, so you will easily reach 10 or even 20, but after that, it will become a lot more difficult to progress.

Since you need pizza slices to play the main story, you cannot rely on its chapter for EXP, so I would suggest you attempt Events Challenge like Memory Corridor. Guild, Hunter Mission, Hunter Pass, and Campaign will also give experience. Alternatively, you can claim 120 Stamina through Hunter Mission’s daily login task.

They can be exchanged for the Gems, thrice a day. The first time will cost 100 Gems, after that 200, and the third purchase will take 400 Gems. It will give you 60 Stamina every time. If you are a beginner, it is better to buy only twice, as you will need Gems for the plethora of activities, including the Summon. Lastly, you can buy the Valuable and Special Present with Devil Gems to get the Pizzas. Each Pizza will give you 10 Stamina.

With this, we wrap up how to get Stamina in Devil May Cry Peak of Combat. For more topics from the game, check out our dedicated section.