How To Farm Gems In Devil May Cry Peak Of Combat

Low on the Gems? Farm as many as you want using these methods in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat.

Focusing on the combat experience the game has reproduced the distinctive battles of the original series. While maintaining the classic characters, weapons, scenes, and bosses, it presents a visually delightful new plot. But to get the most out of this experience, you need to have the primary currencies, such as Gems in Devil May Cry Peak of Combat. It uses a gacha system to give characters and weapons, which use this currency. Additionally, we can exchange them for the Chest and other materials.

There are two kinds of Gems in the game: One is purple and called Gems, while the other is yellow and called Devil Gems. The first one can be collected from a plethora of free ways, but the second can only be obtained by spending real money.

How to Get Gems in Devil May Cry Peak of Combat


  • Hunter Mission: They differ from simple tasks like upgrading weapons to difficult ones like winning in the arena. By completing these, you not only get the Gems but also acquire the Pass Points, which increase your level.
  • Co-Op Shop: You can exchange the Chaos Coppers earned from the regular missions to purchase this currency from the store. The shop resets every week, so you can only obtain a limited amount at a time.
  • Events: Events are introduced frequently, and some or the other is always active. They are time-limited, so you must keep checking for the better ones.
  • One-time rewards: Link your accounts and follow their social handles for Red Orb, Abyss Spectre, and Gems. After that, complete Training Stages, Memory Corridor, Boss Hunt, Activity, and Realm Conqueror to get more. Lastly, participate in Surveys, log in daily, and collect the Achievement rewards.

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