Proof Of Valor: How To Get It In Epic Seven (E7)

This is how you can acquire Proof of Valor Artifact in E7.

Artifacts are one of the unique skill and stats-enhancing items available on Epic 7, divided into 3, 4, and 5 stars. Some of these items are best for one class, such as Mage, Knight, Warrior, Thief, Ranger, and more. And some are suitable for all classes, like A Song for Everybody, Abyssal Crown, Alabastron, Anti-Magic Mask, Otherworldly Machinery, and Proof of Valor. In this guide, we look at how to get Proof of Valor in Epic Seven E7.

Epic Seven: How to Get Proof of Valor

Proof Of Valor E7

Proof of Valor is a 5-star Artifact that the game describes with these words “Though courage and daring may not be visible to mortal eyes, this insignia will act as proof of yours. From now on, everyone you meet shall know of your valor.”
Its base attack is 9, base health is 76, its max attack is 117, and max health is 988. At level 1 the skill is used to decrease damage taken by 15% and is only applicable to one hero. When at the max level, this item decreases damage by 30%. Such cards are helpful during PvP and PvE battles and are also considered useful in Wyvern Hunt.

The only way to get this Artifact, for now, is through Guild Shop. It costs 750 Commander’s Armband for one copy, and only 12 copies can be bought from each account. To enter and purchase from this shop, go to the Lobby and then tap on the Guild option from the bottom left. After that choose “Member Shop” from the right-side scroll list. Then tap on the buy button beside “Proof of Valor“.

There are two ways to get Commander’s Armband in the game. The first method is through guild donation, you are required to donate Proof of Courage to obtain these items. One Proof of Courage can give 3 Commander’s Armbands, and you can get up to 15 Commander’s Armbands per day. Proof of Courage is obtained by completing urgent missions and guild world boss battles. The second way to get Commander’s Armband is by completing guild missions.

This is all you need to know on how to get a Proof of Valor Artifact in Epic Seven. Looking for more such guides, check out how to get Potion of Ascension and change account type in E7.