Potion Of Ascension: How To Get It In Epic Seven E7

Here is how you can obtain Potion of Ascension or POA.

Epic Seven is an adventure fantasy RPG with millions of players. It has a catchy storyline, side quests, and challenges. The game is divided into several Episodes, Stages, and Chapters that players can clear with their Units. And there are over 200 characters and team compositions you can use to win the mission. But if you want to build a team with a specific low-rank character. And wish to develop it fast. Then check out how to get Potion of Ascension.

Epic Seven: How to Get Potion of Ascension

Get POA In E7

There are several ways to increase the level or promote your unit, fodder, or hero in Epic Seven. And one of those methods is the Potion of Ascension. It is an item that allows players to promote their low-level hero to 6 stars. Players are recommended to use these potions on 3-star units. But while doing that, there is a slight chance that the character you are developing contains tasks of awakening. Which could prove problematic, as some users have complained that even if their character reaches 6 stars, the awakened task is incomplete. But according to the official Dominiel of Epic Seven’s community page, the problem has been resolved, and you can use Potion of Ascension on heroes with awakening tasks.

This potion can be acquired from the Adventure Path, though a proper mission, stage, rate, and level have not been clarified. The only free way to obtain them in the game, for now, is by achieving Adventure Path. If you have already achieved it. Then check your mailbox to see if you have received these potions.

According to Reddit user u/Smilesrck, veteran packs and bundles have these potions. But the veteran pack is $100 and the bundle pack at the time of that post is $50, which is not worth it if you only require these items. According to another Reddit user, u/zoominonthis, we can gain POA by promoting 6-star heroes and then recalling them. And then use it to promote another hero like Ras.

This is everything you need to know and do to get Potion of Ascension in Epic Seven. If you found this guide helpful. Then check out how to change account type and level up Phantasma in E7.