How To Get Living Ship In No Man’s Sky (NMS)

Here's how you can get a Living Ship in No Man's Sky easily.

Looking for a Living Ship in No Man’s Sky (NMS)? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many players are struggling to get the awesome-looking Living Ship in the game. That’s because, in order to get it, you’ll need to complete various missions and decode several codes. The first step to getting the ship is to acquire the Void’s Egg. However, if you’re ready for the adventure and do what it takes, then let’s see how you can find it.

Steps to Get Living Ship in No Man’s Sky (NMS)?

How To Get Living Ship No Man's Sky
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To get a Living Ship in No Man’s Sky (NMS), the first thing you’ll need to do is summon Anomaly and acquire a Void’s Egg. If you don’t have a Void’s Egg with you, then you can always purchase it for 3,200 Quicksilver. In order to purchase it head to the vendor in Nexus.

If you’re already running low on resources, then you’ll just have to farm it. Apparently farming Quicksilver is not an easy task and it’s also time-consuming. But for the sake of a Living ship, you’ll need to do it anyway. Players can get 250 Quicksilver per day by completing Daily and Weekly missions available besides Nexus.

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After you have the Void’s Egg with you, you’re one step closer to getting the Living Ship in the game. Now in the next step, you will have to carefully hear the Egg singing.

What is Melody Of The Egg in NMS?

After you’ve successfully got the Void’s Egg, a mission known and Melody Of The Egg will be initiated. In this mission, you’ll need to go back to space and start Warping around. While you’re warping you’ll hear random messages in form of Melody.

The player will need to carefully hear these messages and note them down. That’s because these messages are the reference to Glyph placements, which you’re going to need later on. You’ll hear around 12-13 different types of messages randomly. However you won’t get them all at once, so stick around until you do.

After you have all the 12 codes, the 13th and the last message will contain the location of the planet you need to go to for continuing the mission. This brings us to the next step in the adventure of finding the Living Ship.

How to Find the Portal in No Man’s Sky?

After noting down all the 12 messages the player will have to decode them and look for a Portal. If you see a bunch of blocks and rocks with a circle in the middle, then that’s the portal you were looking for. However, locating one might take a while, but to find it you’ll just have to choose a planet and explore until you do.

Once you successfully found one go ahead and enter all the Glyphs code you decoded. After doing that you’ll be taken to a trashy planet, known as Erpetrith Raya which might make you feel uncomfortable. But don’t run away hold on until you hear a message, “Watch for us in the Stars”.

As soon as you hear the message head back to space and fly until you locate an Anomaly. This Anomaly is the Living Ship you were looking for, which will automatically initiate the Starbirth Mission.

What is Starbirth Mission in No Man’s Sky?

In Starbirth Mission the player will need to build ship components with the help of a Relic. In this mission, you simply have to follow the Void’s Egg instructions and visit various planets to find the components.

So go where the Egg takes you and carefully listen to the coordinates as soon as you enter the planet. If you don’t receive any coordinates, then it means that you’re in the wrong place. In this case, keep visiting different planets until you hear it. Keep looking for the Blueprints to build the right components of the Living Ship.

After you’re done repairing the damaged ship, there you will have the awesome and unique-looking Living Ship you were looking for.

This is all you have to do to get a Living Ship in No Man’s Sky (NMS). While you’re here check out the list of Best Multi Tool Weapons in the game.