How To Get Soy Sauce In Palia

Want to cook Mushroom Dumpling Soup but don't have Soy Sauce in Palia? Here is where you will find this ingredient.

A sweet, salty, and savory Soy Sauce is now available in the Palia. The sauce is adding its unique flavor to plenty of recipes and dishes introduced in the Luna New Year event. If you have visited and purchased some recipes from the Reth’s Street Specialities store in Maji Market, then you might have seen the requirement for this ingredient while cooking.

Cooking is one of the necessary skills to survive and progress in this fantasy world. The Gold we earn through hard effort will not take much time to be spent on the dishes whenever we need Focus. The only way to tackle that is to buy the recipe, collect or grow ingredients, and make it yourself. Such as the uncommon Rice Cake Soup, which gives 300 Focus on regular ones, and requires Egg, Any Red Meat, Rice, Napa Cabbage, Wild Green Onion, and Soy Sauce.

Where to Find Soy Sauce in Palia

Where to Find Soy Sauce in Palia
Use Lucky Envelopes to buy Soy Sauce (Screenshot by Games Adda)

While the event is active, you can purchase the Soy Sauce from the Reth’s Street Specialities store in Maji Market. Don’t interact with Reth, but use his cash register to find different recipes, ingredients, and dishes. The market is open from 6 pm to 3 am every in-game day. To find it, go to the Fairgrounds in the southeast corner of the Kilima Valley map.

It will cost you 35 Lucky Envelopes to purchase one bottle of Soy Sauce. At the time of writing, there are no ways to grow the soybeans and create the item yourself, but since they give alternatives for most ingredients, it might get introduced in the future.

Currently, it is only available with Reth, however, according to the patch note 0.176, you can purchase it from Zeki’s General Store. We checked both the store and the black market but didn’t find the item there. So, it will likely become part of Zeki’s store once the event ends. But just to be safe, if you can, then buy some from the Maji Market.

Stock up the Soy Sauce in Palia and cook recipes like Lucky Braised Fish, Rice Cake Stir Fry, Spicy Crab Fried Rice, and Mushroom Dumpling Soup. Also, while you are in the night market, dye the ribbon and make a wish for Gold, Renown, and Lucky Envelopes.