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Epic Seven (E7): How To Get Good Gear (Equipment Guide)

These are the best ways to get good gear in E7.

Even the strongest soldier will face difficulty when fighting with low-grade equipment. Epic 7 is a fantasy world with swords, helmets, necklaces, and other gear. These gears help by enhancing the character’s ability, so you don’t get stuck at difficult stages. Now you must be wondering, good gear is important, but where can we get these gear in Epic seven E7? Read this guide to know.

Where to Get Good Gear in Epic Seven (E7) Guide

Get Good Gear E7

There are several ways to get gear in the game. But most of them give low stats and weak items. So here are all the ways to earn, create and win useful gear in E7.

Alchemist’s Steeple

This is a part of Sanctuary. You have to be at level 2 of the Laboratory to start crafting the equipment. At level 3 it starts crafting Catalysts and Exclusive equipment. You just need plenty of Ingredients to max out the value of your gear. And it is also recommended that you upgrade Ingredient Storage to level 3 to increase the quality point by 20 percent. If you have Gold in abundance, you can also build and use Alchemy Academy.


The Abyss is the deepest part of the world with more than 100 floors. These are one of the toughest battlefields for players. But resources that it rewards are equally worth it. It gives rare and epic-grade items, gears, artifacts, or equipment. You also get items like Reforge Essence, Bookmark, Mola, Leaf, Mystic Medal, and Transmit Stone. And even materials to enhance your equipment.


There are five Hunts namely Wyvern, Azimanak, Banshee, Caides, and Golem Hunt. These Boss Hunts are considered one of the best ways to gain EXP and farm good gear and items.

These are all the ways to get good gear in Epic Seven E7. Wondering how to know if the gear is worth it or not. Then check out how to calculate gear score. And also see who to 6 Star in Epic 7.