How To Fix Genshin Impact Lag On Mobile Phone?

Experiencing lags while playing Genshin Impact on Mobile? Check this guide out.

Genshin Impact’s mobile version is amazing but playing it on other platforms is a different experience altogether. However, sometimes you notice lag in the game while playing it on mobile phones. Being a huge game, it has certain requirements that your device must cater to. For iPhone or iPad users, the device must be iOS 9 or higher for it to run smoothly. If you’re playing it on the devices that do not have the apt features, the game might usually lag. Well, in this guide, you will see some tricks and temporary fixes that you could use if you experience lag in Genshin Impact Mobile.

How to Fix Lag in Genshin Impact Mobile?

Lags in Genshin Impact Mobile

  • If you are wondering why Genshin Impact Mobile is so laggy, you can try and reset your graphics setting in the Settings menu of the game. It is possible for it to lag if the graphics are set high. Try this fix and maybe it’ll work.
  • Another solution to the lag in the game is to clear some space in the background before starting Genshin Impact. Sometimes, it is not the game that is lagging, but the device. So, clear the RAM and try playing it again.
  • Recheck the Internet connectivity while playing the game because it starts lagging if the internet connection is fluctuating. You can try again sometime later once the connection is smooth.
  • If still the lag hasn’t disappeared, check whether there are some pending updates of the game. If there are, go ahead and download all the updates and try playing it because your app must be up to date in order to run smoothly. Pending updates can be one plausible reason behind the lags in Genshin Impact Mobile.
  • If you’re still struggling, try rebooting your device. And if your device is all heated up, pause and let the device cool down. This could be one of the reasons to why the game is laggy.

These are some of the tricks and temporary fixes that you can try when you experience lag in Genshin Impact Mobile. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can feel free to check out more guides like these such as How To Check-In To HoYoLabs for Rewards and How to Change Resolution in Genshin Impact Mobile.