Genshin Impact iOS vs Android vs PC: Which Platform To Pick

Here we compare all three platforms to gauge the best one.

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game that is available to play on iOS, Android, and PC. Each platform has a different minimum requirement to play the game. Moreover, each platform also has its own set of pros and cons when it comes to issues like graphics, performance, loading time, etc.

If players want to know which platform is best suited to play Genshin Impact, they can take a look at the comparisons below.

Genshin Impact iOS vs Android vs PC


As we mentioned above, each platform has its own benefits and downsides while playing the game. Though mobile devices are much preferred for their portability and easiness of access, they can be quite difficult to navigate. Similarly, while a PC offers more customizable controls, players often face issues with account security on this platform.

Keeping all of these factors in mind, we have compared all three platforms below to see which one is the best.

PC Android iOS
Storage 30 GB 8 GB 8 GB
Controls More Control Due To Mouse And Keyboard No Controller Support. Touch Screen Only. Controller Support
Account Security Not Secure Secure Secure
Mobility Low High High
Gameplay Interface Easy To Navigate Difficult To Navigate Difficult To Navigate

As players can see from the comparisons above, a PC is the best platform for players looking for an optimal gaming experience. While there are some downsides to playing Genshin Impact on PC like low mobility and low account security, it is leaps ahead of Android and iOS when it comes to actual gameplay experience. Players get better controls and easier navigation due to the availability of mouse and keyboard. In addition, though the game size is much larger on PC, it also means players get to experience better graphics with a full, immersive gaming experience.

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