Frozen City: How To Get Foundry Hero Sophia?

Sophia is a hero that can increase the production of iron blocks through your Foundry in Frozen City.

Frozen City is an apocalypse survival game. You are the chief of the last city of survivors and must ensure their survival. You will have to gather resources, acquire heroes, and build up your town to survive in the frozen wasteland. There are many heroes that can aid your progress. Sophia is a hero in Frozen City that can increase the production of iron blocks in your Foundry. If you wish to acquire Sophia, go through the guide below.

How To Get Sophia In Frozen City?


There are multiple ways to acquire Sophia in Frozen City. We have listed the most efficient methods below.

Purchase Sophia Through The Shop

You can directly get the Foundry hero through the Shop. You will have to spend real money to get her but it allows you to skip the grind of getting her for free. She can be purchased through the Plain City Deck 1 pack which can be found under the Special Pack category in the Shop. Moreover, the pack also contains heroes like Arthur, Aiden, and Dr. Lee. All of these heroes provide buffs that will help you progress quicker through the game.


You can obtain Sophia through the Common, Rare, or Golden Chests. However, your chances of getting her are higher with the Rare or Golden Chests. While you can get the Common Chests for free in the Shop every 8 hours, you will have to purchase the other two. The Rare Chest costs 350 Gems while the Rare Chest costs 800 Gems. Even if you do not get Sophia right away with these Chests, you will get guaranteed epic heroes that can aid you in the game.


There are tasks that reward you with gems and Rare Chests when you complete them. Finishing these tasks gives you an opportunity to acquire Sophia just by completing tasks in Frozen City.


Lastly, there are also limited-time events, like the Grandpa’s Farm, that can reward you with Common, Rare, and Golden Chests. Your rewards depend on your performance in the event. You should participate in such events to get a chance of acquiring a chest and acquiring Foundry Hero Sophia in Frozen City.

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