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Frozen City: How To Get More Food?

Without ample food, your survivors will soon starve.

Frozen City is a survival simulation game set in a barren, cold land where you are inc charge of ensuring the safety of the survivors. Resources are very important in this game and you will need plenty of them to survive the harsh conditions of the land. Food is one of the most important resources you will need in Frozen City.

Without ample food, your survivors will soon succumb to starvation. This guide explains how you can get more food in the game.

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How To Get More Food In Frozen City?


You can use the Kitchen in your city to cook meals for your survivors. The survivors will eat two meals per day. However, if you do not have enough raw food, your cooks will not be able to cook anything in the Kitchen. If you are short on raw food, the icon for your cooks will turn red with a pause symbol. This indicates that they cannot cook due to a food shortage.

To ensure that this does not happen, you should upgrade your Hunting Tools and Trophies in the Hunter’s Cabin. The more you upgrade these, the more your food production will increase over time.

However, that is not the only method available to get more food. You can also assign more hunters to the Hunter’s Cabin. If you are unable to assign more Hunters, you might need to upgrade your Hunter’s Cabin first. Your Hunter’s Cabin is upgraded whenever you upgrade Hunting Tools 20 times.

Lastly, you can acquire and upgrade the Hunter’s Cabin hero Aiden. This Hero provides increased food production which increases when you upgrade him. In addition, Aiden can also help assign more hunters to your Hunter’s Cabin. This is why you should obtain and upgrade this Hero if you wish to increase food production in Frozen City.

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