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Frozen City: How To Get The Iron Mine Hero Arthur?

Acquiring Arthur can be a challenge in Frozen City.

Frozen City is a survival simulation game set in a frozen, apocalyptic world. You are the chief of the last town on Earth and have to ensure the survival of the city by gathering resources and rebuilding. There are many heroes in the game that can grant different buffs to you. Arthur is a Hero that can be used to increase the production of iron through your Iron Mine in Frozen City.

This makes him a valuable asset for your city’s survival. However, it can be a challenge to get this hero in the game. To make things simpler, we have listed the best ways to get Arthur in the guide below.

How To Get The Iron Mine Hero Arthur In Frozen City?


There are a number of ways to acquire Arthur in Frozen City. However, most methods of acquiring heroes in Frozen City are random and you might have to make a few attempts before you are actually able to get the Iron Mine Hero. That being said, let us take a look at the methods to acquire this hero.

Buy Arthur From The Shop

This is the most straightforward method of getting Arthur quickly in Frozen City. However, you will have to spend real money to purchase the hero this way. You can buy the Plain City Deck 1 pack from the Shop. Apart from Arthur, this method also gives you the epic hero Sophia and rare heroes Aiden and Dr. Lee. You also get 250K wishing stars with this pack.


Chests have a good chance of granting you the Iron Mine Hero Arthur in Frozen City. There are 3 types of Chests available in the game. The Common Chest can be obtained from the Shop for free every 8 hours. You get rewards like wishing stars, blazing stars, and random heroes by opening these Chests. The probability of unlocking Arthur through these Chests is low but they are absolutely free so you should keep trying.

The Rare Chests have to be purchased from the Shop. They cost 350 Gems. You have a moderate chance of getting Arthur through these Chests. Lastly, the Golden Chests can be obtained from the Shop in exchange for 800 Gems. These Chests give 2 epic heroes as rewards so there is a fair chance for you to end up with Arthur in a few tries.

Finish Tasks

Tasks also reward you with gems, wishing stars, or chests. This is why completing tasks is a great way to increase your chances of getting Arthur. You can hoard the gems to purchase Rare or Golden Chests. If you are lucky, you may also end up getting a Rare  Chest as a reward. This gives you a chance to obtain Arthur by just completing tasks.


There are also limited-time events in the game that give out Chests as a reward. If you perform well in these Events, you can get a few Chests as a reward.

These are all the ways that you can obtain Arthur in Frozen City. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more gaming guides, check out What Are The Ways To Obtain Favor In Smite?