How Much Data Does Free Fire and Call of Duty: Mobile Consume?

See how much of your data is consumed by some most played royal battle games.

With the ban on PUBG Mobile in India, players started seeking out alternatives that could match up to its standard. In the sprint to offer a similar gameplay experience, Free Fire and Call Of Duty: Mobile succeeded in garnering a huge chunk of the mobile gaming community in their favor.

Presently, these are the most popular mobile games, even though they both belong to different leaders. Where Garena Free Fire keeps adding new characters, fun stuff, and standard development into the Royal Battle Game, Call Of Duty: Mobile is almost like a classic series adaptation on the portable platform.

The classic Call of Duty: Mobile created by Activision is not a strange name in the shooting genre. It’s the series’ perspective on the flourishing world of mobile gaming in the modern era. There have been several hits in the CoD series, with games such as Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops deemed classics.

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The mobile game has most of the same gameplay modes, maps, and weapons throughout the series. Many players often give preference based on functionality like gyro to make decisions while others are restricted to mobile data usage.

However, today, we will not discuss the gameplay instead will look at another element of these popular mobile titles. We’ll show you how much data each one consumes per gaming hour.

How Much Data Does Free Fire and Call of Duty: Mobile Consume?

Let’s see how much data shooting games like Free Fire and CODM need per hour.

To tell, the average data consumption per game quite low across the boards. There may be certain elements that impact consumption while playing a game.

For instance, playing with relatively high graphics configurations may consume data per gaming hour. Although, in every game, all graphics and textures, however great they may be, are generated on the hardware (cell phone, computer, console), and only basic data is communicated between this system and the game server: essentially, only its location and actions.

Except for the primary data file and its multiple patches, merely playing PUBG Mobile consumes roughly 28.06 MB of data per hour while Call of Duty: Mobile consumes nearly 35 MB of data per hour. Free Fire consumes around 30.6 MB of data per hour. Another battle royal, Fortnite Mobile needs up to 50.3 MB of data per hour.We can conclude, PUBG Mobile consumes the least data while Free Fire a little more followed by CODM. CODM takes up to higher data because of its better graphics but the highest data is consumed by Fortnite.

Some Important Tips

Some tips to reduce data consumption while playing mobile games.

  • If your data plan has a data cap check out these tips to monitor your usage.
  • Tweak Wi-Fi settings; you can select applications manually for this feature.
  • Game installation files are normally large, so download them on Wi-Fi only.
  • Establish the usage limits for each application.
  • Stop streaming content on a mobile network.

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