Are there bots in PUBG? If yes then how to identify and kill them?

In this blogpost, learn how to spot and kill bots in PUBG Mobile

PUBG has made a controversial modification by introducing bots to PC servers, primarily devised to help newcomers enhance their skill sets and bridge the gap that usually occurs between them and experienced players.

When the bots were to be unveiled, PUBG Corp quoted in a blog post,

“We’re seeing more often than not that many new players are being eliminated early without killing – and often with no dealt damage. For a while, you’ve been telling us that the widening skill gap is creating an increasingly challenging environment for some of our players and we’re now ready to talk about our plan to help with this.’’

Bots or AI-powered enemies were originally released on test servers and are now permanently part of the experience. These bots show up only in standard games and appear more sparsely as the expertise of the player grows.

Their conduct is restricted to tasks such as walking running, kneeling, and firing, as well as parkouring, swimming, parachuting, and robbing. They are implemented to appear only in the basic PUBG Mobile levels.

The emergence of bots aims to empower beginners to linger more in the game rather than fleeing when they feel defenseless thereby serving as a crucial factor in expanding the potential player base of the game in the immediate future.

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Everything About PUBG Bots

Since bots are added to keep the initial levels of the game easy for newbies, let’s see how they work.

They Don’t Jump And Hide

Bots always walk and act weirdly. Whatever you do they won’t even try and bother to protect themselves. If you shoot them, they won’t hide nor jump and gets immediately killed.

They Can Be Easily Killed

If you spot a player outside the building then undoubtedly, he is a bot. They always wander around the houses where actual player hides and when you shoot them, they’ll happily come closer. They are easy to kill just with the help of a pan or knife.

They Are Very Bad Aimers

They barely do anything to rescue themselves, let alone attack another player. If they manage to be in the top 10 in a group match, they’re likely to hide and then surface next to a close player to potentially get shot dead.

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They Move Towards the Gunfire

To detect a Bot, all you have to do is shoot aimlessly and randomly and wait until it comes closer to you. They eventually know the direction from which you are firing and step towards the sound of the gunfire.

How To Spot Bots In PUBG?

They avoid entering the house, usually, land on the top of the building dresses uniquely, and possess great loot weapons. You can distinguish one by looking at their useless and meaningless names like “hjqchsvd” once they’re dead.

Indeed, there are bots in the popular mobile royale battle game PUBG Mobile 0just to prevent amateurs from calling it quits and encourage them to enjoy the game until they have a certain experience.