Fortnite Season 6 Skin Leaked Online

Fortnite is one of the most popular Battle Royal games has always been a center of multiple leaks and various news. Every time a patch is about to be released there comes a long list of leaked cosmetics to be seen. This time well news on Fortnite Season 6 Skin Leaked Online via the studio’s ArtStation account has made a huge buzz. Previously also a new Fortnite Family Guy Peter Griffin Skin was said to be released by data miners.

ArtStation is a website where video game company employees post their work to display to the world. The same has happened with the skin that is all set to come the games season 6. This leak was revealed by  Kevuru Games who have previously worked with Fornite for their skins in the past. Players have been eagerly waiting to know what’s new in the upcoming season.

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And with the skins being revealed way early of the games next season have left players wondering if this skin will really be made available or not. Here’s what we know about the same. The skin’s this time does not happen to be related to popular shows and movies but is instead a set of original costumes suiting Fortnite’s gameplay.

Since no official statement was made the news seems to still be in question. It is worth stressing over the fact that the game may have these skins based on how genuine the art seems to be. But there is also another possibility that may never see the leaked skin in Fortnite since it may anytime get scrapped and may never appear in the game.

To know for sure we will have to wait for a little while until the final released date of Fortnite season 6 i.e. March 16, 2021. If you liked our article on Fortnite Season 6 Skin Leaked Online you may also like our article on How To Get Tron Fortnite Skins In Season 5.